Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia: World Cultural Leaders Pledge Support to Advancing $ 2.3 Trillion Cultural Economy – Tech

Saudi culture minister HH Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al Saud addresses global cultural leaders at a joint meeting for culture ministers on the edge of the G-20.
  • At the inaugural meeting, officials agreed to repress the agenda of cultural economy Italy G 20, 2021
  • “The cultural economy is an untapped powerhouse … but requires a dedicated focus on the global policy agenda. It requires strong leadership and cooperation to unlock a new pillar of the world economy,” Saudi Minister of Culture Rajkumar Badar
  • Saudi Arab Red Sea to open a world-class center to protect the underwater heritage of the Arabian Gulf

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 4, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Group of 20 and cultural leaders from other countries today promised to support the role of the cultural economy and meet annually during the G20, which will be discussed Miracle year Of italy Presidential post.

Under the topic “The Rise of Cultural Economy: A New Paradigm,” In their inaugural meeting, culture ministers and officials of international organizations discussed heritage conservation, sustainable development and culture as a catalyst for economic development. The talks focused on developing digital platforms for artistic expression, making cultural resources more easily accessible as well as employing new technologies.

“This high-level cultural presence in the Saudi G20 Presidency reflects our shared belief in the important role of culture in advancing the innovation ecosystem of economies,” Prince Badr bin abdullah bin farhan al saud, Saudi arabia The Culture Minister said in his concluding speech. “It is up to us to preserve our shared heritage for future generations and to produce and spread the culture in a sustainable way.”

Saudi Arab The meeting was organized at the margins of the G20 meeting as the Kovid-19 epidemic continued to curb the movement of people and goods around the world. The World Bank made a baseline forecast of a 5.2% contraction in global growth this year, after which the epidemic caused millions of people infected, disrupted air travel and tourism, and national economic lockdown.

However, as the epidemic changed around the world, people continued to communicate, exchange ideas and express themselves artistically, making virtual trips to museums and galleries and engaging with private and public initiatives.

“In precisely the difficult moment we are experiencing, the universal values ​​of culture can represent the foundations upon which rebirth builds,” Dario Franceschini, Italian cultural heritage and activities and tourism minister and co-chairman of the first meeting said. “The severe crisis achieved by Kovid-19 has laid the foundation for a significant new turning point in terms of proliferation of new technologies.”

This outreach demonstrated the resilience of the cultural economy and facilitated economic development through innovative means by creative industries to enhance global exchange of cultural goods and services. UNESCO draws annual revenue from cultural and creative sectors $ 2.25 trillion And exports to more than $ 250 billion. The region employs around 30 million people worldwide while some forecasts have contributed to around 10% of global GDP in the near future.

The inaugural meeting was virtually held, in honor of the G20 Saudi Presidency of the year 2020, organized by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and the G20 Saudi Secretariat as part of The International Conference Program.

On the occasion of the meeting, the Ministry of Culture also announced the initiative to establish a world-class center dedicated to the management, renovation and conservation of underwater cultural heritage in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. The center, which will be affiliated with the heritage commission of the ministry, will be responsible for developing the area. Saudi Arab And area. This will be achieved through several initiatives aimed at enhancing research in the field and creating effective policy initiatives, as well as raising awareness of the importance of underwater cultural heritage as a cultural heritage for humanity.

Miracle meeting will be hosted to discuss cultural economy Of italy Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism in 2021 during his country’s chairmanship of the G20.

The global cultural leader listens to Saudi culture minister HH Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan, giving his opening remarks at a joint meeting for culture ministers on the edge of the G20.

Photo – https://themiracletech.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Ministry-of-Culture-Saudi-Arabia-World-Cultural-Leaders-Pledge-Support.jpg
Photo – https://themiracletech.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604523434_639_Ministry-of-Culture-Saudi-Arabia-World-Cultural-Leaders-Pledge-Support.jpg

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