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After two years of waiting, Mirzapur 2 is finally out. One of the most well-known web series, Mirzapur is all set to take you on a roller coaster ride with its action, full of action, emotion and drama. Who will be the king of Mirzapur? The question strikes every mind and the writers do exceptionally well to answer you, causing the audience’s jaw to drop.

After the immense success and popularity of the first season, Mirzapur 2 is all set to win your heart. The show is now available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video and stands for Promotions. It has been two years since we saw Kaleen Bhaiya, the towering villain (Pankaj Tripathi), who dares anyone to get in the middle of his path. And in season 2, he vows to enable his son, Munna (Divyendu Sharma) to further his wealth and rule the city. However, this will not be his cup of tea, as this time Guddu Bhaiya (Ali Fazal) is hungry for revenge with his colleague Golu (Shweta Tripathi). He vowed to take both of them under his control Mirzapur. Who’s going to win and win? Way to be super exciting.

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The plot begins exactly where the first season ended. An injured Guddu, along with his sister Dimpy (Harshita Gaur) and Golu, is working hard to recover from his injuries physically and mentally. But Mirzapur 2’s Dimpy and Golu are completely different from the previous season. Now, their bangles have been replaced with guns, killing people for vengeance.

The world of Mirzapur is full of blood in this season, full of lust, greed and power to rule. Politics and the entry of politicians make the aura even more dirty. Here, Mirzapur supreme officer Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) learns the techniques of politicians. Subsequently, he gave up his black outfit and started wearing white clothes to find a right politician.

A man who never wished for his life, but was forced by his father to kill him in broad daylight, the second season makes him more cruel.

Unlike the first season, Mirzapur 2 has an emphasis on mind as well as violence. “Now we will also walk with kattas!” Furthermore, the dynamics of the relationship are observing an important change. While Golu and Sweety’s father, Parashurama Gupta, were Kaleen Bhaiya’s lapdogs last season, they now ‘boycotted’ Tripathi. Munna Bhaiya (Devendu Sharma) is now shown mature, and his efforts to prove himself sufficient for the throne of Mirzapur continue. And, comes the silent player Bina (Rasika Dugal), who is planning to end the empire, with the old man who knows how to play big tricks subtly and secretly.

Some new characters are introduced – Rati Shankar’s son, who was murdered by Guddu Pandit in the previous season; There are Tigis from Siwan, who do everything from stolen cars to alcohol; And there are new unions where the CM of Uttar Pradesh is now Kaleen Bhaiya on first name basis. It’s tedious to keep up with the constant backstabbing, constant hustle, and backhanded deals that fuel this desire for revenge, the recurring motive of season two.

Another key feature of Mirzapur 2 is the role of women, who break the high walls of patriarchy to prove themselves. Every female character has her own story of struggle and suffering. However, the pain made him even stronger. In addition, you can find them having real control in their hands, supporting male characters emotionally and physically.

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Every character in the story has put his 100% effort in acting. This season, from the protagonist to the new cast, everyone lived in character. The star of the first two episodes remains Pankaj Tripathi. He talks more with his eyes and gestures.

Ali Fazal is more concerned this season with his pumped-up body and deadly eyes. He can hardly walk after the events of last season but is like a wounded lion, ready to jump on his prey whenever he gets the chance, “Ab Dushman hai laga se bachgi nahi”.

Shweta Tripathi and Harshita Gaur thrill us. Divyendu Sharma makes us nervous like an animal along with entertainment. The role of Robin (Priyanshu) lightens the shadowy scenes and entertainment.

Sheeba Chadha and Rajesh Tailang reprized their roles as Vasudha and Ramakant Pandit, doing well in their pious roles.

Chacha’s surprise entry, which Munna asked to rest last season, is the cherry on the cake.

However, the direction is relaxed and the shading is at an average level. The story starts slow and slowly picks up pace. Sometimes, you may find some scenes unnecessary which increase the time. The story is well written and each character is fully defined with minor details.

The show has 10 long episodes of thirty to forty minutes, but the satisfaction one experiences at the climax counts for everything.

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Mirzapur 2 is like a firecracker that, when it explodes, produces loud upheavals and light all around. Combat, quarrel and bloodshed to form the theme of Mirzapur season 2, the show is the perfect dose of entertainment, which successfully steals hearts and makes everyone a fan.

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