Mismatched Netflix Review: Complete Mismatch of Reality and Logic

Netflix mismatch review: Mostlasan fame Prajakta Koli is now on the big screen, her first series Mismatch is now released on Netflix, here in the post we are going to review the series, we are going to talk about the cast, plot and performance in the series .

The web series is composed by Prajakta Koli, Rohit Saraf, Muskan Jaffrey, Devyani Shore, and others, Nupun and Akash, the series was first made as a film, later Netics decided to release it in parts And they were converted into series. .

What is it about

The series is based on the book ‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ written by Sandhya Menon, the story revolves around two young people Dimple (played by Prajakta Koli) and Rishi (played by Rohit Saraf), Rishi dimples Saw the picture on one. The matrimonial group and he falls for her, they both came together, but the two have a completely different personality and are not made for each other (as the title suggests, mismatched). Will they be able to build their relationship? Or they fall apart due to their opposite habits, you have to watch a series of 6 episodes on Netflix to know the full story.

The plot is the biggest weak point of the series, the visuals are far from reality, the app and app development work in the series are super funny, I mean seriously the producers? How one can make such an app, you should do at least research, there are lots of visuals and dialogues that are far from reality and can only be possible in dreams.


Rohit Saraf looks cute in the series, but it was not enough for a remarkable performance, he sometimes looks dull but in some conversations, he looks fantastic, lacks expression in some places during emotional scenes, the rest is good Thea, now Prajak Koli is coming, she was very good, I had seen her last short film and she was minding there, but she needs to understand that YouTube and TheMiracleTech are completely different and you are just in Bollywood Youtube cannot survive by acting, she was decent but still needs a lot of improvement.

The other actors in the series were not enough to impress and the series is decent in terms of acting and performance.

Screenplay and others

The series starts off well, but it gets very sluggish in the middle, the episodes are short but still, they don’t thrill you, there are a lot of arguments less and unrealistic dialogue and scenes that normal teens can’t think of. , I’ll do it again to mention that coding scene, I was like ‘OMG this is a joke’. The music is good and that’s the only good thing about the series, the locations were also impressive and I have no complaints about it, the series is about 3 hours long, yet I think it was too long, the idea of ​​films was good. Tha, the series does not fit into this at all.

  • Series Name: Mismatch
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Style: Romantic
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Did i enjoy it ?: no
  • Recommended ?: No
  • Suitable for family watch ?: no


We are going with 2 stars out of 5 for the series, the series is a complete mismatch of logic, reality and direction, the series has nothing to look at except for the super cute Rohit Saraf, the kit looks like the makers Do another season just before season 1 was over in a hurry, the ending is simply unbearable, and we don’t recommend it to you.

If you still want to watch it or you are a fan of Prajakta Koli, you can watch the series of 6 episodes on Netflix, please make sure, do not watch this series with parents and children.

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