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Binged rating6/ 10

Ground level: A harmless fun despite predictable premises and cliches

Rating: 9/10

Skin n swear: Repeated use of cross words

Forum: Netflix Style: Romance, drama

who is the story about?

Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-reviewDimple (Prajakta Koli) is from a normal middle-class family, where her mother dreams of marrying her daughter as soon as she is of age. But, she is a technical wizard and dreams of creating an app. Sage (Rohit Saraf) is a rich and affluent family who witnessed the wedding upset her father. She wants to get married with an old school romance and a simple girl who is a fake Aires.

How two unique worlds of Dimple and Rishi hit in a summer vacation camp? What happens when both start on a very wrong note? What is the series where their relationship ends?


Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-reviewMismatch Prajakta is topped by Koli and Rohit Saraf. They have principal leads, but many other actors get equally exciting parts.

To come back to Lead, Prajakta and Rohit are suitable for went respective roles given by them. Also, they alone help the story with their appearances. But, it is not so, and they also do well acting-wise.

Prajakta is feisty for maximum perfection and depicting enthusiastic nerdy girl. She watches the whole run and does justice. Dialogue delivery and ease when delivering it helps give it a tangible impact. The character slowly builds up, and the play unfolds at the end, where he is fine.

Rohit Saraf plays opposite Prajakta. It is snow like its fire. It is calm, composed and understood. But when that time comes, Rohit also show he can show his anger. The last part is the one that strengthens and adores her character until the end.

Most of the cast consists of teenagers, and they are well chosen for their parts. Those are the clichés that we usually see in Teen Drama. Even without dialogue, we understand how the role is changing. Even though the character regularly, makes participating actors again, and everyone does it well.

Muskan Jeffery as Tomb, Taur Raina playing the role of a rough and tough person with inner pain, fitting the roles, and expressing the right emotions in key scenes. Vihaan Samat is a quintessential NRI child. The ease with which he runs away makes him attractive. For example, Kritika and Devayani, who are always on social media and soft-spoken, always in love with a secret girl, are enough for their roles.

Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-reviewThe latter is particularly spectacular in climax. The role of the teacher by Rannvijay Singh is other than a cute portrayal of the profession on the ‘small’ screen. Vidya Malvade struggles to fit in with the role of the young, neatly (in age). The uniqueness and enough moments in his characters register him. They do it effortlessly.


The series was directed by Nipuna Dharmadhikari and Akashkrishna. The pair seems to be well versed in space. They are estimated Trops a collage based story with confidence and ease as if they are in total command.

The opening episode sets the ball rolling in favor of the series. We depicting all Klichard character with fun and enjoyable moments. Drama color is added as well to give us an idea of ​​what lies ahead. In addition, a sense of uproar is felt, which later weakens the narrative in some parts. It’s all there.

Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-reviewOnce set and fine for the world Mismatch, It is a smooth and fun-filled ride to the end. Well, it’s not all fun, and in the process, there have been some emotional scenes together.

The various actors and their duo are slowly but neatly paced and developed. The whole thing follows a predictable path, and we cannot stress this enough, but the actors and the writing make it volatile. Some fresh moments are icing on the cake.

To be more precise, the mismatched Zoya is in the same Alexander-like locality, but with everything told and set in a modern lingo. Therefore, we have an online fight instead of cycling, a unique one-sided love story that keeps going over time. Of course, this may be a fresh packaging for Indian sensibilities (even as we have a few films), but most of it is borrowed from English teen rom-coms or campus stories. If he follows, the mismatch may be that only a little “fresh” element forward.

Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-reviewIn the six-episode season, it is the middle section that draws a little. The whole thing seems to move slowly and regularly. Celina and Namrata’s track is an example. It is mostly similar to lead pair. However, the end makes up for both of these essential tracks. The emotional moments have unfolded well. What also makes it curious to see what happens next? We will have to wait for the next session to find out.

Overall, mismatch is a harmless fun that achieves what to do with the emotional touch involving a group of teens. It is very regular and full of cliche, but casting, writing and slick execution work.

Music and other departments?

Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-reviewThe music is very sweet. It adds to the mood of the proceedings. The cinematography of Milind Jog and Avinash Arun is fine. The backdrop of Rajasthan gives them a stunning canvas to enrich the whole thing. The editing of Samyukta Kaja and Namrata Rao is fine. Ghazal Dhaliwal, Sunaina good writing Kumari and Ars Vora. They gracefully introduce typical youth interactions and emotions.



The perfect blend of fun and emotion

Production scale

Music and bgm


Regular story

Too many clichés

Drags a bit in the middle parts

Did i enjoy it


Would you recommend it?

Yes, The Genre in Mind

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