Miss India Movie Review: Review With Indepet Analysis

Miss India Movie: Review

Netflix has come up with another movie which is Miss india. Does it give you what was expected? Is it still entertaining and equally shocking? Read to know Miss India movie review

Rating: 2.5 stars / 5

Deep analysis

Our overall rating is not an average of the lower sub digits.


Mansa Samyukta (Kirti Suresh) wants to set up her own business. When her middle-class family moves from India to the United States, she enrolls in an MBA college and hopes to establish a tea empire with the brand name.Miss indiain coffee grounds.

Will the country where everyone is addicted to coffee have their dreams come true?

Miss India Movie Review:

The story revolves around a core idea, where a female entrepreneur encounters sexism and goes beyond expectations and a conservative mindset to achieve her dreams. But with each layer that writers Nath and Tharun add to this decoction, it just undermines everything he wants to say.

Minus Points:

Let’s get straight to the point: Kirti Suresh’s “Miss India” stands on a weak plot, the writing is completely silly, and the direction is clumsy.

Many people believe that drinking tea refreshes the mind, relieving headaches. But after watching ‘Miss India’, which is about Kirti Suresh establishing an empire in the western world, we are suffering from headaches.

Hey brother, give us a hot tea! To come out of this stain, we definitely have to sip a cup of tea.

As previously stated, the story on paper sounds good but the film’s execution is par. The writing is so weak that the characters of most actors lack depth. The film lacks the original conflict point. Even though director Kehri sets a good scene between Suresh and Jagapathi Babu, there is no major conflict for the fight between them.

An aspiring woman who is going against all odds to achieve her dream of establishing a business empire seems good on paper. But the new director has spoiled it with his immature direction, lame writing. In many places, the film gives a feel of a TV serial, especially the first 30 minutes.

The only plus point:

The scenes of the confrontation between Kerahi Suresh and Jagapathi Babu are well handled. The film has some interesting scenes in the last half hour. Punita Ponnada was good in her important role.

Naresh and Rajendra Prasad are skilled in their brief supporting roles. Keerthy Suresh and Naveen Chandra’s track doesn’t have much relevance to the story but is decent. Along with BGM, Thaman and his music are decent.

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