Miss India on Netflix: Kirti Suresh stuttering?

Kirti Suresh ‘Miss India has dropped its theatrical release and is currently streaming on Netflix. The film has received poor reviews and another case of an unsuccessful film quitting on TheMiracleTech has ended.

Kirti Suresh attained superstardom with greatness – the biopic of legendary actress Savitri. This is something that rarely happened to any heroine on the likes of Anushka during Arundhati’s days. She is seen trying out women-oriented subjects.

The major problem is choosing a good subject as well as a suitable director. In penguin and Miss india, His motives seem good but the directors handling such subjects made the wrong choice. In the hands of an amateur director, he also looks pale. It remains to be seen if things will be any different with his next film Good Luck Sakhi.

The last time we heard that the film would release its theatrical release and surface online. Fans of his commercial films did not disappoint. The actress has Nithin’s Rang De ready for release, perhaps for Sankranti. She will also appear alongside Rajinikanth in Annahat and Mahesh Babu in Sarkaru Wadi Pata.

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