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Bifurcated rating2/ 5

Ground level: This ‘miss’ won’t hurt it

Rating: 2/5

Skin n swear: No sequences with on-screen intimacy or strong language

Forum: Netflix Style: drama

who is the story about?

Mansa Samyaktha, the youngest of three siblings of a middle-class family, is clear about his future just before his teenage years. When a relative advises her a content housewife, she tells him, ‘I want to be a woman of substance, do my MBA and become a businesswoman’. His grandfather, an Ayurvedic physician, guides his life and makes a unique tea that acts like a panacea for all diseases. When Samyukta is to fulfill his ambitions, his family is forced to move to America. After completing her MBA, she wins the title of Miss India and pitted herself against KSK, a renowned coffee brand owned by Kailash Siva Kumar. It is not just a battle of the sexes, but a fight between good and evil between tea and coffee. What’s in store for Samyukta?

Miss India-Telugu Movie-Review


Kirti Suresh She looks great in a film that gives her flaunt her fashion sense in a variety of costumes. No one would mind if the film was also about a beauty pageant. She works hard to cook the food of an aspiring character, but it is so amateurishly written and executed that all her efforts are watered down in one stroke. Jagapathi Babu is a conservative villain under the guise of a businessman and his performance is nothing new. Solid supporting actors including Nadia, Naresh, Rajendra Prasad are devastated. Naveen Chandra. Despite the bad-role, he is good while he lives.


This is the age since a self-assured female character like Mansa Samyukta (played by Kirti Suresh) in Telugu cinema – she has an identity of her own, does not mingle words, chooses ambition over love and even Accusing her mother of being patriarchal, it is advisable to choose a safe married life over entrepreneurship. Even when a love interest makes an offer to handle her father’s business, she undoubtedly ignores it and prefers to build a brand based on her ability. The film reflects her never-say-how spirit, how she helps overcome all obstacles in a vast, big-to-outer life. At least, this is what they would have fooled the film to be on paper.

Miss India is a film in which an entire middle-class family shifts to the US, when barely a 25-year-old graduate gets a job at a company that is influenced by its robot model. The family is so ‘middle-class’ that the money he earns is enough to feed a family of four and even enough for a graduate’s sister to do an MBA at the University of San Francisco. One of the girl’s classmates in business school aspires to become a reporter at the BBC. Yes, you heard it right. The USA is a nation that does not even know what tea is. Miss India, the film is for you, if anyone / it all makes sense.

Miss india There is a film in which a business tycoon with decades of experience has time to devise a rogue strategy to bring a startup barely two months old. A startup founder has the gall to say to an investor, ‘Dabulu Ready Cascondi’ (keep the money ready). Random drunken quotes – like ‘I am born to trade’, ‘Business is not a monopoly … It is a birthright ..’, ‘Get up and not stop till you reach the goal’ and ‘If you don’t build yours Do dreams, someone will inspire you to help build them – fill in the places where proper conversation is expected. Many places in Spain have passed as California.

Miss India-Telugu Movie-Review

Miss India almost suggests Chi to be a symbol of India, but has it forgotten that a state like Tamil Nadu is more famous for its filtered coffee over tea? The film has an extremely ambitious premise and boasts all the traps of a regular spice fare but the writing is painfully irrational and shallow. There is valor, but the struggles are superficial. It is the same as for the world but the main character is a stigma. It tries to make up for all its losses with style, hype, sluggish dialogue and luster. All must have taken some homework for the first time to give director Narendranath some purpose for his allegedly progressive popcorn entertainment. All we get is a beautifully decorated popcorn tub without popcorn.

Miss India-Telugu Movie-Review

Music and other departments?

Thaman’s showy background score is more like a desperate instrument to elevate a narrative that has no depth. The musician leaves no stone unturned to enhance the effect of the yellow scenes – alas, this is for a lost cause. Sujeet Vasudev’s cinematography gives the film a gorgeous, flamboyant exterior and some of his frames convey the joy of squeezing a chi far more effectively than the characters’ lengthy monologues. Dialogues are an insult; They lack any originality and sound more like annoying WhatsApp.

Miss India-Telugu Movie-Review


Keerti Suresh Screen Appearance

Ambitious story


Psychological screenplay

Amateur hanged

Poor communication

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