Missed college? See these binge-worthy college web series

COVID-19 It was just a one-year anniversary. This was the time when the world decided to take a break and our whole life came to a standstill. The beginning and middle of March saw the states and our country through the bandh. One whole. To shut. reason? COVID-19 took over the world. Offices closed, workplaces closed, schools closed, colleges also closed. Life changed in a few days.
When things were not reviving, the decision of classrooms via online mode began and this saw a complete change of flow in the education system. But, sadly, students have been sitting in their homes for over 7 months now, seeing their friends through computer screens with almost no contact with the outside world.

The world is now opening up, little by little, and in no time the students will get back their long lost freedom. No matter how much we hate classes, lectures, and every little thing, this lockdown makes us appreciate every little thing.
Now there are definite bilingual sessions to be seen during this time, but before you return to the real world, check out these Indian web series around schools and college and hostel environments that will make you appreciate everything .

Kota Factory (TVFPlay)
It is one of the best and true highest class about school and college life. The story based on Kota and its method literally means to get students into medical or engineering. It reflects the harsh reality and every student who has gone through this has been a part of the Kota culture or aspires to go there will most definitely understand. A tough show on the moments of growing up and entering college from school, this show speaks and is definitely a must watch.

College Romance (Netflix, TVFPL)

College romance (Netflix, TVFPlay)
A show full of laughter and drama and how college romance develops. As soon as he enters college, his three best friends, his love life also takes him along. The series featured relationships, silly decisions, and class times so well that, it will either remind you of your college romance or perhaps you will end up related to it, if you are entering or still Are in college. With fun one-liners and comedy, this is definitely a must see.

Engineering Girls (The Timeliners)

Engineering Girls (The Timeliners)
From the girls’ point of view a story of engineering life is what will attract you the most in the show. The lives of the three friends as they try to navigate through the difficult times of engineering, dorm issues, love life and succeed and want to open their own company. It will definitely remind you of the friendships and plans we all had during our college time.

Flames (The Timeliners, TVFPL)

Flames (The Timeliners, TVFPL)
Remember those sweet, innocent days of tuition and coaching classes where we would all meet people from different schools and start getting to know them and maybe start a friendship or develop a crush on them. Well, FLAMES is about those sweet nostalgia, memories, friendships, crushes and love that will remind everyone of those hard days of both loving and studying.

हॉस्टल डेज़ (अमेज़न प्राइम वीडियो) <

Hostel Days (Amazon Prime Video)
Hostel Days is set based on an Engineering Boys Hostel, another web series that will take you back to your hostel days or remind you of the moments you are missing now. The story about friendship and how to combat the life tasks of a hostel is able to portray the show successfully. This is a recommendation for everyone. Even if you are no longer in a hostel, all the fuss will make you feel that atmosphere, at least once.

Girls Hostel (Netflix)
Girls Hostel (Netflix)
This is also another story of hostel days but this time it is a girls hostel. The girls’ journey through difficult and difficult times to stay in hostels, doing all kinds of work and gossiping with friends will make everyone indifferent about that beautiful life.

Operation MBBS (Dice Media)
Operation MBBS (Dice Media)
A series that needs a definite mention in this time of an epidemic, where the medical team has been a front line warrior for us and without whom we would have fallen like pieces of domina. Operation MBBS takes a peak in the lives of 1-year-old medical students and their struggles in the medical world. From its looks, it can clearly be seen as something that was carefully curated for young NEET candidates and other-to-doctor students. The show raises people’s mindset about some important issues such as assault on doctors, stress of a medical student and the scene of the entire medical education.

Over all, these are just a few of the options in the vast field of short college webseries. There are still many that we probably don’t remember and you must have loved it very much. The list goes on and on, and these are just a few that cover topics of love, college, friendship, hostels and more. One very good thing about these shows is that it is not drawn at length and is short, simple and sweet which will make you like it more. All these shows are a definite watch for everyone who likes a certain website.

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