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Mob psych 100 An anime series from Japan is adapted from the manga of the same name. The series is named Moby Saiko Hyaku in Japanese. The third season of the anime is in high demand by fans, although the second season delivered an epic conclusion with a definitive finale. Mob Psych is a supernatural comedy portrayed on TV Tokyo, BS Japan, TV Vacayam and ABA.

However, what are the chances of having a third season? Is the serial going to be renewed or already on the way? Let’s know all the details of the third season of Mob Psych 100.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

The Mob Psych 100 was initially released in July of 2016. It consists of only 25 episodes. However, there is no renewal news about the third season yet. For example, there is no release date. The possibility of adaptation also depends on the pacing of the manga, which is still ongoing, even if it takes its story from the source material. Creator Tachikwa also said that the series also provides an opportunity to try out new ideas and some changes. In addition, the anime is also delayed due to the coronovirus epidemic.

Characters: Mob Psych 100 Season 3

Mob Psych has several series characters such as Arata Riegen, Katsuya Serizawa, Shigio Kejayama, Shinji Kamuro, Hikaru Tokugawa, Mushi Goda, Hideki Yamamura, Hiroshi Kumagawa, Shigio Kejayama, Samay Kurta, Juri Kijibashi, Mamera Inukawa, EMI, Ichi Mezato, Kyohi Toshi, Tsumi, Tumi, Tumi The series stars Hiroshi Shonata, Katsuya Serizawa, Nozomu Hotori, Tamaki, Furutachi, Igiwara, Igarashi, Matsuo, Megumi Koyama, Miyagawa, Mukai, Takeuchi, Teresa, Ishihara. The show’s resistance team consists of Thanedar Suzuki, Ritsu Kajama, Feyama. Kenji Matsura, Teruki Hanazawa, Daiichi Shiretori, Ri Kurosaki, and Ritsu is Kazayama.

Plotline: Mob Psych 100 Season 3

There is no plotline for season 3 because the renovation for the series had not yet taken place. However, if it is renewed, Bones Studios could start from where the second season finale was halted. It can follow a story of 65 chapters, left unread. So there is some material left for the plot of the third season. In addition, after every anime, OVAs are also released. The second season came in the year 2019, so the third season may come soon Miracle year. Season 3 may also follow some other plotlines as indicated by the producers.

Story: Mob Psych 100 Season 3

Mob revolves around the psycho character Mob, an average middle school boy. He has an extra perception that is very powerful with strong mental strength, although he looks like an unmarked person. Mob lives his life in order to keep himself in control of power, to live in the clutches of emotions. Troubles also follow her everywhere, though she wants to live the day-to-day experience. His ability with suppressed emotions threatens to break his boundaries as it grows inside a bit. Eventually, he encountered other aspets such as claws.

Trailer: Mob Psych 100 Season 3

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