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The platform provides advanced technology to thousands of employees, enhancing their peace of mind, finding Frost and Sullivan

Santa Clara, California, November 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – In the security services industry, there is a growing demarcation between security vendors that protect the “four walls of the enterprise” and the employees and assets within them. Protecting employees and physical property outside office premises. However organizations must ensure solutions when they help employees protect themselves from personal personal security threats when they are doing business outside the office, come from a distance, or work remotely Different technical and operational approaches Compared to traditional facility security and executive protection offered by companies.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest thought leadership paper, Identifying personal security and peace-of-mind gaps outside enterprise facilitiesAnalyzes the main criteria for the rise of the enterprise-wide personal protection services as well as personal protection services market. It also analyzes the benefits of cloud-based A Service As Personal Protection For all employees on the go.

To download a complimentary white paper, please see: http://frost.ly/4p2.

“Employees who want to protect their employees outside the enterprise facility must offer mobile solutions that adapt to changing personal risks for employees and their families,” explained Daniel van zandt, Industry analyst | Aerospace and Defense in Frost & Sullivan. “Any personal security solution should be Seamless for individuals to use, With simple controls and convenient access or means of communication. It should also allow individuals to interact with security services personnel through a variety of communication mediums such as text, voice calls, video, or panic button functionality. “

“Truly with a service platform and a team of trained as its unique personal safety Personal protection agents available within seconds, The bond Provides a tailored solution to ensure personal safety and peace of mind for employees and their families Doron Kempel, Founder and CEO On The bond. “Bond, is Cloud-based platform Affordable, scalable, easy to deploy, and always ensures the highest level of user privacy. It combines the convenience of a mobile app for personal use with access to an entire team of 24/7 personal protection agents that can provide a variety of on-demand preventive monitoring services and prevent the facility’s dispatch . Emergency assistance such as police, fire or medical resources, if necessary.”

Kempel said: “Through multiple methods of communication and activation of preventive monitoring services, Bond’s team of personal protection agents will act as your on-demand security concierge. We have created a unique solution that addresses any personal security risk. Or complete the scenario a person may experience. Bond is currently available United States And will provide services globally in 2021. “

Efficient personal security platforms must incorporate advanced technologies to provide high quality and scalability to thousands of mobile employees. It should be easy to use and combine Command Center Technologies, To monitor artificial intelligence (AI) and detect anomalies / threats, Communication technologies, and Novel Treatment Solution. Bond’s Personal Protection Services platform offers these capabilities and functionality in addition to the following benefits:

  • 24/7 background-check, employed, trained, certified personal protection agents who respond within seconds.
  • Basically the ability to orchestrate 911 first responder.
  • Communication between bond personal protection agents and a member’s contacts under specific circumstances.
  • Access to all personal protection services and capabilities through the Bond app.
  • Orchestration of resources through a community of providers to deliver services roadside assistance, Remote, On-demand bodyguard even more.
  • Protection of user data during communication with Bond Personal Security agents and individuals and their organizational security teams.
  • Increase in productivity and focus.

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