Mobileem 5G ecosystem – expands roaming and core network product portfolio to the growing needs of decoding

The expanded roaming and network service portfolio enables new business opportunities in the form of telecom operators roll-out 5G and develops an advanced set of corporate and consumer services.

CUPERTINO, California, November 17, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Mobileum Inc. (“Mobilem”), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and network services, Telco Security, Risk Management and Testing and Monitoring Solutions, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its corporate focus. Addressing the need for seamless 5G interoperability to better enhance your product portfolio for roaming and network services.

With a growing global ecosystem of 5G networks and IoT services acquiring grounded and private networks ready to become increasingly relevant, efficient interconnection and quality of service, regardless of geography or service play, must be assured. Mobileem, with the risk, security, and testing and monitoring capabilities coming from its recent acquisition, will be looking to leverage its deep roaming and engineering expertise to support telecom operators as they transform themselves And transition to a new digital society supported on 5G. , Commanding new standards of connectivity and experience.

Mobileem’s integrated and expanded roaming and network services portfolio will enable service providers to achieve greater automation, interoperability and QoS across a diverse set of public, private and shared networks – while delivering a better customer experience while protecting the bottom line. helps.

Kishore Vangipuram, Mobile Chief of Roaming and Network Services commented:

“Mobilem is focused on providing solutions that enable mobile network operators to accelerate digitization and innovation while improving network security and service quality. As service providers ‘business models and partner relationships become more complex, we are expanding our product portfolio to bring a new degree of flexibility and automation to our customers’ business and network operations – something developed by the industry 5G to help tackle the biggest challenges. “

One of the key founding principles of mobilem driving is to efficiently and radically connect people, places and things while maximizing returns for operators. To achieve this vision and support the transition to 5G, MobileM is launching a suite of new software solutions as part of its Active Intelligence ID.

  • Central Routing Director: Enabling more efficient call routing logic to meet technical and business needs, improving customer experience while maximizing revenue
  • Voice firewall: Enhanced security, fraud detection and policy control combined with real-time call blocking treatment capabilities
  • Increased Caller ID: Providing a monetization platform for operators to leverage network information and call performance, empower identity, boost trust, and create a new channel for brand promotion
  • Wholesale Business Advisor: Automating international, domestic and enterprise roaming business processes while reducing barriers between international and domestic roaming, providing recommendations for optimizing roaming experience and costs.
  • eSIM channel platform: Providing a platform for customer and enterprise roaming management

Supporting more than 900 global telecom operators, in 180 countries, the Mobileme Intelligence Intelligence Platform is an end-to-end analytics platform that empowers mobile network operators:

  • Increase revenue – Offering innovative and compelling offers in new market segments
  • Reduce revenue deficit – With a layer of protection to protect against attacks on voice networks
  • Optimize network and bulk costs – By enabling process automation, which improves visibility into markets, reliability and wholesale and retail costs

Mobileem’s AI-powered platform is available on-premises and in the cloud, providing advanced solutions that successfully support and assure traditional and next generation services as telecom networks evolve towards virtualization, cloud and 5G. To learn more, visit www.mobileum.com.

About MobileM Inc

MobileM is a leading provider of telecommunications analytics for roaming, security and risk management and end-to-end domestic and roaming testing solutions. More than 900 operators rely on their active intelligence platform to increase roaming revenue, improve network security, reduce risk, and ensure proactive testing and monitoring. With a strong record of innovation, MobileM is recognized for its ability to extract network and customer insights and convert them into real-time actions to increase revenue, improve customer experience, and reduce costs. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mobilem has global offices Belgium, Dubai, Germany, India, Portugal, Singapore And Britain.

Learn more in www.mobileum.com And follow @MobileumInc on Twitter

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