Molkki 5th May 2021 Written Update: Purvi learns about Sakshi’s lie

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Episode begins with Sakshi finds nuptial chain in Virendra’s room and questions him about it. Juhi sees that and tells her that it’s Anjali’s nuptial chain and Anjali would have gave this to Virendra to repair this. Sakshi gives it to Juhi and tells her to pass it to Anjali. Purvi wonders Kids slept or not because they never sleeps without hearing stories. Virendra recalls what happened in the marriage mandap and also how he proposed Purvi. He also recalls the moments he shared with Purvi and looks at Sakshi who is sleeping beside him. Purvi recalls the moments she shared with Virendra.

Virendra wonders why God testing him like this and thinks he waited 5 years for Sakshi and now she is with him but instead of feeling happy with her return he is sad that Purvi is not with him. He thinks earlier his life was incomplete without Sakshi but now his life is incomplete without Purvi. He decides to meet Purvi to talk to her and gets up from the bed without Sakshi’s knowledge and leaves the room.

Virendra knocks Purvi’s room door. He asks if he can enter the room. She says to him that this room and house belongs to him and she also belongs to him but stops in the middle. On the other hand, Sakshi wakes up and notices that Virendra is not in the room and wonders where he went without informing her at this time.

Virendra says to Purvi that she may feel that he forgot her after Sakshi’s return but that’s not the truth and he don’t know that why God playing with him like this. He says to her that he stopped living before 5 years but she changed his life completely and he wanted to start new life with her but now his past returned in his life and he is not understanding that what’s happening with him.

He tells her that he always hurted her and he is not understanding that what he should do but he knows that he is her culprit so he is ready to accept her punishment. She says to him that he did nothing wrong and God will show path to them but right now their priority is Sakshi’s health.

He says to her that he can’t see her in maid’s room. She says to him that she can’t see him like this and asks him that where was Sakshi till now. He informs her about Sakshi’s coma. She wonders why Sakshi lied to Virendra and why she didn’t tell Anjali’s truth to him. She tells him to go and take rest. He hugs her. Sakshi searches Virendra in the house. Virendra lies to her saying that he came out to drink water.

Prakashi says to Anjali that Sakshi will throw Purvi out of the house once she gets to know that Purvi is Virendra’s second wife. Doctor informs Virendra that Sakshi’s health condition improving. Kids says to Sakshi that Purvi took care of them till now. Sakshi thinks so much changed but now she has to take care of her kids. Kids goes inside.

Purvi asks Sakshi that why she didn’t tell Anjali’s truth to anyone. Sakshi says to her that she can’t tell anything to her and tells her to forget everything which happened between them. She asks why she is wearing costly dress and jewels. Juhi returns and says to Sakshi that Anjali gave these all to Purvi and takes her inside. Sakshi thinks she can’t reveal Prakashi and Anjali’s truth to anyone.

Episode ends.

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