Molkki Written Episode 3rd May 2021 Latest Today’s Update: Purvi Goes Missing

Molkki Written Episode 3rd May 2021 Latest Today's Update: Purvi Goes Missing

Molkki is raising the engagement of the show to its peak, the latest twists of the show have just awestruck the viewers. The high-voltage drama is quenching the thirst of the audience. While moving back to the show, we are watching that Prakahi get Manas kidnapped by the goon. Virender and Juhi are busy in procession, so they didn’t give much attention to it. But Purvi noticed that Manas is missing. She left the mandap and tries to search Manas. Well, the procession reached the wedding venue and Virender doesn’t find Purvi there.

Prakashi and Anjali rumour that Purvi get eloped from the wedding. He makes Virender believe that Purvi fled from the venue. Virender himself searched Purvi but didn’t find Purvi anywhere. He says that this marriage won’t take place. He requests everyone to leave, Prakashi asks the priest to go away as Virender says that this marriage won’t take place. But at the same time, Purvi comes and tells that this marriage will happen right away.

Virender asks Purvi where was she, she replies that Manas has got kidnapped and tells her how she rescued Manas. The rituals start taking place and Sudha and Priyu take Purvi to the mandap. Anjali says that after a few whiles Molkki becomes Virender’s wife as she always wins. But Prakashi says that I still have my trump card left in my deck. While Purvi and Virender take seven nuptial rounds, Sakshi comes to the wedding venue. Sakshi gives an emotional look to Virender.

Along with Virender and the kids, everyone gets shocked seeing Sakshi standing there. Manas asks Juhi about Sakshi, she replies that she is our real mother. They both rush to Sakshi and hugs them. She again looks at Virender and he comes to her. Sakshi looks at Virender and his clothes and touches his face. Purvi burst out of tears recalling her memories with Virender. But Virender there shocked to see Sakshi he holds her and hugs her.

Virender then hugs kids and Sakshi, she gets overwhelmed and faints. Virender calls the doctor and he tells them that Sakshi is still in shock. Just then Purvi comes there and Sakshi asks who is that girl. Mamaji replies that she is our servant. Purvi listens to that run away crying from there. Later, Virender comes to Purvi’s room but doesn’t find Purvi there and neither her clothes. The episode ends, get further Molkki written update here at Social Telecast.

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