Money comes first in SonyLIV’s “A Simple Murder”

Greed can make people do anything, even if it means killing someone and that too a wrongful killing. A simple murder is a story about greed and murder. Someone needs money, someone murders to get money but then everything goes wrong when they come to know that he was the wrong person. A simple murder Coming out on november 20 SonyLIV And it is completely alcoholic of a common man.

A middle-class man named Parth, his life is all entangled, with a hostage, troubled wife, his life seems nowhere and as every other common man, he too begins to believe that money can be the answer to all Has her issues and troubles and well, can anyone blame her? We seriously believe that money can solve any problem of our life. But, sadly, life is not as easy as it appears. To get a good penny, he needs to commit a crime, actually a murder but again the cards are against him here too. He murders the wrong woman and now his lover is after the man who committed the crime.

The problem here is that poor Parth has neither the money he got after the murder nor did he commit the crime properly. The money is with the man, cheating on his beloved wife and he is nothing but ranting about whatever is going on. No money, no wife, committed a crime, a man seeking revenge from him, then where does the police and his life stand? Exact condition before everything starts.

So, the point here is, even though the series is about a small “simple murder”, it really isn’t. It is all about money and how everything is related to money. Everything revolves around money and it will be fun to see if our dearest Parth gets his hands on the money for which he goes through so much unnecessary problems.

Starring Mohammed. Zeeshan Ayub, Sushant Singh, Amit Sial, Priya Anand and others, the series is directed by Sachin Pathak.

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