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Ground level: Religiously busy and entertaining satire

Rating: 2. .5 / 5

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who is the story about?

Mookuthi Amman Movie ReviewEngels Ramasamy (RJ Balaji) is a local journalist who covers small news stories. He is the only earner of a family with three younger sisters. And apart from that there is a mother and grandfather.

Ramasamy is disappointed with his life. One night while staying at the temple of his family deity, Mukuthi Amman, Ramasamy reveals his grief. Hearing the outbreak, Goodness descends to Earth and talks to her. This changes their life and outlook. What are they? How does this relate to the God versus Godman angle of the plot? This is the film’s original story.


RJ Balaji performs acting, writing and co-directing Mukuti Amman. We will talk about other skills below, but as an actor, he is strictly fine. A better actor in his place could have added a lot to the emotional side of the story, but, it is not a concern here.

This is why RJ Balaji does not seem completely unnecessary here. Senior actors and other actors pick up heavyweight moments. RJ Balaji has to maintain a sarcastic and comical flow, which goes on with a constantly dull expression. He does well on that score.


Mookuthi Amman Movie ReviewRJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan have jointly directed Mukuthi Amman. The story of the film is fine. This is going to be a current topic and an issue in the upcoming elections in Tamil Nadu. However, it is not completely subject-wise.

The opening dialogue vibe immediately draws us into the narrative. It establishes the basis, establishes the character and also makes us consult with its occupations. The world of lead appears in the following scenes, and her problem never ends after a point.

It’s not just the leads, even as a spectator, are fed up. And then Devi got her entry. Can this be done intentionally with the writer and director, so that as a viewer, we too feel pain? Whatever, time NayantaraPenetration could not have been better.

The action follows with his arrival, and we get a kick with the story. We come to the main plot of the film. Godman’s introduction is a curiosity of the narrative.

Mookuthi Amman Movie ReviewOn the way we get some beautiful scenes, first where a sister asks for a day off, she wants to get her point.

The second mentions the mother’s break up and the reason for her having multiple children.

There are some more exciting parts associated with RJ Balaji and Nayantara. They introduce us to the story and are eager to know where it is. However, in the final act, Mukuthi Amman lacks scenes like the two above. Some similar plans have been made, but they lack freshness. We have seen them before where films have been made with the same theme. The Bollywood film PK comes to our mind many times when Devi talks about worship out of fear rather than faith, and also, direct connection to God, and the ‘what is guaranteed’ parts.

Mookuthi Amman Movie ReviewThe end is easily wrapped after the message is delivered. The story here retreats from ‘Sandesh’. Therefore, there is nothing left to talk about the family (which is initially painstakingly established) or emotionally invested.

Overall, Mukuthi Amman is a decent effort with a contemporary and relevant subject. This is sufficient for a one-time clock on a digital platform. Wait patiently until the goddess appears.

Other artists?

Female leads have done a good job in the film. Nayantara and Urvashi stand out with their respective works. The former has played the role of a goddess and she looks like a divine sparkle and an exit with confidence. It is his poetry and absolute authority that compels anyone to buy the act and take the message into someone’s struggle. On the other hand, Urvashi plays a pathological Lear and Laurmouth. It initially bothers, but soon after, a person gets used to it, exits a moment. Ajay Ghosh is fine as Bhagwati Baba. The rest of the cast are also decent, and they do the necessary work without going overboard.

Music and other departments?

Mookuthi Amman Movie ReviewGirish ji’s songs serve as speed breakers. The background score is reasonably fine, though at times it feels loud. Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography is satisfactory. It presents a clear picture of a small town, although nothing is particularly memorable. The editing by RK Selva is good. RJ Balaji also handles writing. It is the best of the three departments he doubles. However, its words lack razor-sharp critical precision.


Core plot Writing Nayantara Other castings


Becomes regular after a point initial setup

Did i enjoy it


Would you recommend it?


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