Movie Review: Color Photo – TheMiracleTech

2.5/ 5

140 minutes | Drama-romance | 23-10-2020

cast – Suhas, Chandni Chaudhary, Sunil, Viva Harsh

Director – Sandeep Raj

the creator – Sai Rajesh Neelam, Beni Muppanani

Banner – Amrita Productions, Laukya Entertainment

music – Kaal Bhairav

In the color photo film, Suhas (who mainly plays the role of comedian) as the protagonist and Sunil (who started his career as a comedian) are seen as antagonists. The impressively cut promos have raised expectations on this low-budget film, dropping theatrical releases like many recent releases.

What is it about

Jaya Krishna (Suhas) comes from a poor family and is of dark complexion. She falls in love with Deepti (Chandni), but hesitates to express her love for fear of rejecting her love. But Deepti eventually falls in love with her, but Deepti’s brother Ramaraju (Sunil) is a fair-skinned villain. The rest of the story is about the fate of the couple at the hands of Ramaraju.


Suhas has proved his acting in short films, but never really got a chance to prove his ability on the big screen. The color photo gives her a chance to showcase her talent and she has captured it with both hands. Chandni Chaudhary is fine. Sunil looks different as the antagonist and does his best as Ramaraju. Harsh makes his presence felt in every scene in which he is involved. Deepti and Sri Vidya are good in their respective roles.


Director Sandeep Raj did well in establishing the characters. His direction is good in scenes where he shows the innocence and purity of love. However, he failed to balance the emotions to the end. There is too much melodrama that really had any effect. Thankfully, Kaal Bhairav’s score has picked up some scenes above average. One-two numbers are also attractive. The shading is clean with a colorful color palette. Some dialogues are very impressive. Production values ​​are fine.


The main conflict of the color photo is about the color of the protagonist’s skin. This makes sense when the girl he loves disappears because of her color or if she is the only person on screen who is darker. Instead the director chose to make it an issue for the girl’s brother who comes up with a ridiculous reason to be a hindrance to his sister’s love.

There are many dark characters on screen, which makes the ‘issue’ of the protagonist less relevant. It never bothers the girl who has no qualms to express her love. He is the one who tells her to keep their relationship a secret. He does not want people to ridicule his ‘black and white’ combination!

In developing romance, there is no girl who sticks as a thumb in a throat. We wonder how much Suhas loves her when she arrives. Some characters behave according to the director’s desire and convenience for the play. The character of the college principal suddenly ejects Suhas from anywhere.

We are initially set to witness a tragic climax due to the initial setup. But the director tries a lot to connect us with the hero’s spirit. It fails to make an impact even after going to extremes to inflame emotions. The first half is wasted on a pointless rivalry between seniors and juniors in an engineering college and the second half shows a romance that was seen in many Teja’s films. The entire film relied on climactic episodes and they failed to produce the desired effect.

Overall, the color photo becomes a regular romance with an unusual theme. It would have been a special film if the director had tried to avoid the usual tropes of college romance.

Bottom Line: Faded Photo!

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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