Movie Review: CU Soon-TheMiracleTech

3.5/ 5

Malayalam | Amazon 2020/01/09

cast – Fahd Fasil, Roshan Mathew, Darshana Rajendran, Mala Parvati, Amalda Miz and others

Director – Mahesh narayanan

the creator – Fahadh Faasil, Nazriya Nazim

Banner – Fahd Fasil and friends

music – Gopi Sundar

Ghan is soon another feather in the crown enriching Malayalam cinema. As the epidemic takes everyone inside and leaves creative people locked in their homes, filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan has come up with an idea that could become a film in these restricted times.

What is it about

A flirty Jimmy (Roshan) finds the match on Tinder just one week after breaking up with his former girlfriend. The girl she sees on Tinder is Anu (Darshan), looks beautiful and fine, but there is something mysterious about her. He uses a phone without a SIM card and does not answer duo calls and text quickly despite claiming to be with his parents. Jimmy, who is in a hurry to decide, decides to marry Anu, even without meeting her. His cousin, a cyber investigator, Kevin (Fahd) does an e-check at Jimmy’s mother’s request and says that he is the right choice. Things take an unexpected turn and Jimmy brings Anu to his house and they start living together. But there is something Jimmy does not know about him. One day, she leaves her home by putting a video message. Jimmy is taken to the police for questioning and Kevin needs to find out who he is and where he went to sit in front of his computer.


There is nothing that Fahd Fasil cannot draw. He can make us emotional and make us feel his pain by just looking at a camera. He is very good as Kevin and plays a virtual superhero in his cousin’s life through phone calls, internet browsing and text messages. Roshan Matthews is perfectly fit as a boy to fuck a girl he met online. He is good in scenes where Jimmy is worried and worried about Anu’s whereabouts. Darshan is so good that Anu is a girl who goes through inexplicable trauma and terror. The rest of the artists have done their work.


Mahesh Narayanan is clearly inspired by the storytelling techniques used in films such as Searching and Unreferenced, but the story and character make it a completely new viewing experience. It is very difficult to imagine a film like CU Soon and pull it off without any complexity. No wonder he is also the editor and virtual cinematographer for this film. It is difficult to explain some ideas to others and bring them on screen as fiction. His direction is tight and to the point and his screenplay is full of water that keeps us hooked to the screen. The music could have been better. Editing is terrific as the story switches from mobile screens to computer screens to CCTV camera footage to chat.


Movies can be seen on the big screen, but CU Soon is a film designed to be viewed accurately on small screens, mobile screens. Yes, many scenes in CU Soon leave so much free space on your laptop screen, television screens alone. The story takes place on several tabs opened on the computer screen and many dialogues are presented in text form in the chat window. You cannot remove your eyes from the screen because by doing this you may miss some important details.

Despite telling the entire story through the screen, Sew Soon is as charming as any perfect thriller out there. Movies using this technique usually omit the aspect of human emotion for the thrill. But director Mahesh Narayanan makes us feel for the characters and root for them to overcome obstacles. Cube doesn’t waste a lot of time getting into the thick of things soon. No character is given more detail than a few lines to understand some characters. Anu’s character is a mysterious element about the story and we will only know about her through Kevin’s online investigation.

The twists are effective and the storyline is highly believable, making CU Soon a more powerful visual experience. The director could read his audience’s mind, which is why he questions Jimmy through Kevin. The three actors who have played the lead roles are performing brilliantly to make new age cinema a success. There are some minor gripes here and there, but this can easily be overlooked due to the effectiveness of the story and the filmmaking.

I wish this film was dubbed into other languages ​​so that it would reach a wider audience. CU Soon is a film that will inspire many filmmakers to think out of the box and make the most appropriate films to watch TheMiracleTech.

Bottom Line: Check it out soon!

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