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Moviemad 2020

Moviemad isaimini – Bollywood and Hollywood movie download website

Moviemad 2020, Founded in 1931 in the US, is a piracy website for downloading both Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and English films. Unlike other pirated movie sites, the unique feature of MovieMed is that it does not contain any viruses or bugs that can harm Android phones or laptops.

In terms of user reviews, the visual and audio quality of the movies downloaded from this website is better than other sites.

Moviemad 2020
Moviemad 2020

Moviemad in India

Research in 2018 showed that India is the fastest growing film market in the country with thousands of films made in various languages ​​in a year.

In addition, the availability of pirated websites such as MovieMad along with the availability of cheap data packs and smartphones have created the largest user base for downloading pirated movies in India. Moviemad has launched 6 films in just 3 months in 2020, namely Durbar, Tanhaji, Chhapak, Jai Mummy Di and Ghost Stories.

Impact of Movie Theft on Revenue

Movie piracy is a threat to the film industry and most importantly depends on local distributors to raise funds for the film. The average loss per year to the Indian film industry is about 1 crore in revenue as well as a loss of about 60,000 TMT. The worldwide loss due to film piracy, according to research in 2005, was 18.2 billion.

Covid-19 Impact on Increase in Movie Theft

Movie piracy has grown rapidly over the past 2 months, with lockdowns and strict quarantine periods announced in most countries, where people are locked in their homes to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

It is sure that when you have extra time for each day and every day you will definitely think about watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Now, you should know that all theaters are closed. So people do not get a chance to watch the film. So they will simply find a way to download any movie or TV show they like to stream online.

The lockdown has increased the urge and the need for home entertainment, thus changing people’s minds to television and movies on mobile or laptop. Recent research has shown a 56.9% increase in film piracy compared to the past in this current scenario.

GovernmentOf Action to control movie piracy

The government has introduced the Cinematograph Amendment Bill in 2019 to put a check on movie piracy. The bill clearly mentions that film piracy is illegal and a punishable offense.

In addition, the government has also amended the Cinematograph Act of 1952, which prohibits unauthorized recording without the author’s permission. Also, the amendment mentions that if someone is found to be doing so, they will have to pay a fine that can be up to 10 lakhs, and this offense can also lead to imprisonment.

However, despite the aforesaid bills and amendment Acts made by the Government of India, film piracy still continues. Also, the maximum limit of 10 lakhs for punishing pirates is not limited, as they take into account the profits from such pirated websites. Thus, there is a need to control the use of such pirated websites to overcome these flaws.

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