MP’s own bus-sutra service plan | MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Sewa Scheme In Hindi

Information about “MP’s Apna Bus – Sutra Seva Yojana” 2020 (MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Sewa Scheme Details In Hindi)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched ‘MP’s own bus-sutra seva scheme’ and this scheme is a scheme related to public transportation. The objective of this scheme is to further improve the public transportation facility of Madhya Pradesh state and to connect the remote areas of this state with the capital of this state i.e. Bhopal.

When did this plan launch (launch)

This scheme has been launched on 23 June 2018 only. A program related to the launch of this scheme was organized at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Indore and Narendra Modi was also present on the occasion.

Information related to the scheme

Name of scheme MP’s own bus-sutra service plan
In which state this scheme was launched Midpoint
When was this scheme launched 23 June 2018
Plan goal Improve public transportation facility
Under whose will this scheme run Urban Development Department

Features of MP’s own bus-sutra service plan (Features)

  • “MP’s Apni Bus – Sutra Seva Yojana” will be run in several phases and in the first phase of this scheme, the scheme will be launched in 20 cities selected by the state government.
  • According to the plan attached to this scheme by the government, 127 buses will be run in the areas falling under 16 municipal corporations and 4 municipalities.
  • The names of the 16 municipal corporations in which these buses will run are as follows. Gwalior, Morena, Ujjain, Dewas, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Rewa, Ratlam, Burhanpur, Singrauli, Katni, Chhindwara, Khandwa and Satna. Whereas the four municipalities under which these bus services are to be started are named Shaho Bhind, Shivpuri, Guna and Vidisha.
  • To make these buses safe, cameras have been installed in them and with the help of these cameras, people traveling in the bus will be monitored.
  • If a person on the bus has to make a complaint, then he can take recourse to the public grievance system and make his complaint.
  • Keeping in view the safety of women, a panic button has also been installed in all these buses. So that if a woman has any problem then she presses this panic button.
  • Tickets for these buses can also be booked through mobile phones and online.

Other information related to the scheme

  • The Urban Development and Housing Department has been given the responsibility to implement this scheme properly and this department will also ensure that this affordable bus service can be provided in cities and outside areas.
  • The scheme has been run under the “Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation Scheme” and the scheme will be operated jointly by local bodies, state government and central government.

With the launch of this scheme, people of Madhya Pradesh state will now be able to get good transportation facilities and these people will be able to move from one city to another without any problem.

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