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In mid-November last year and early December last year, everyone started seeing news about an unknown disease with flu-like symptoms here and there, affecting people in China in particular and the city of Wuhan in particular. Huh. It was in December 2019 when China announced that there was an outbreak of the virus and it was the first case of its kind. We could not understand the seriousness of the situation then. In 2020, cases of the disease were increasing and cases started coming up in India too. It was March 11, 2020 that literally halted the world, when the WHO announced that a disease called COVID-19 was spreading uncontrollably and has since been declared a “global pandemic”.

Life moved everyone abruptly, people working outside started coming back home, offices closed, work announced from home, schools and colleges closed and the world came to a standstill. The virus spread like wildfire around the world. It does not leave anyone, it does not differentiate. From world leaders to people sleeping on the streets, many were affected and many deaths occurred with it. Probably the most painful phase was death, not only for the patient, but for the people treating them, their families and all. This year has been a dreadful year and it will remain so for years to come and would like to see another outbreak, either way.

When things started to settle down, a lot of documentaries and films came in, which caught people’s attention because some films felt as if it predicted moments, while documentaries taught us and what is happening around the world But gave information to everyone. Many other documentaries related to the epidemic started to get people’s attention because people wanted to know what really happens and like many times, reading and watching are the only things that comfort us.

It will be a year now and the world has done a lot, here are some shows and movies that help people understand and there are some that disappoint people.

Contagion- (2011)

Connection (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix)

One of the first films that garnered attention and it was a sleeper hit released in 2011. With an ensemble cast, the film almost accurately predicted the year’s events. The spread of the virus from an animal began in China, the global epidemic and even the symptoms were accurate. It shows the journey of how a team handles the disease, understands it and after almost a year has passed, finds a vaccine for it, where people die, places are deserted, and supplies begin . Exactly the same situation as it was for us earlier this year.

Social distance
Social distance (Netflix)

This anthology series basically presents our lives during quarantine and lockdown. Connecting with each other through calls and texts and video calls. This emotional series will remind you of all the moments that happened to you during those last months. 8 different stories, 8 different perspectives and beautiful feelings are well made by people, which is “Orange is the New Black”. Everyone should keep an eye on it no matter what the situation is.

Coronavirus, -Explained
Coronavirus explained (Netflix)

A joint production by Netflix and Vox, the show has a profound impact on how the virus most started, spread and affected worldwide. It explains the perspectives of various scientific dignitaries who explain how it ended up as an epidemic, what it is that makes it different and we need to fight it. This limited-series series answers a complete, educational, and appropriate explanation of our various questions.

Pandemic: how to stop an outbreak

Pandemic: how to stop an outbreak (Netflix)

Although released in January 2020, the series does not talk about COVID-19, it does talk about the flu and how an epidemic starts. This reflects the anger of anti-voxexers that started recently and various other factors related to the spread of diseases such as the flu and flu, in which epidemics are most likely to occur because the flu in general is always treated as an ordinary cough. And is considered as a cold. The series usually talked about the outbreak of influenza of 2019 and how to deal with it.


Virus (Amazon prime video)

It is an Indian medical thriller which was based entirely on real-life incidents about the outbreak of Nippa. Virus, That the state of Kerala, began to surround 2018. The film follows how it enters the state and how a widespread disease has started to develop in the state. It portrays the valiant efforts of medical teams and officials who helped prevent the virus and even eradicate it, even if it affects many people.

Although some of these are not directly related COVID-19, It will give you information about how valuable life is, not only ours but also that of others. This list will tell you that not only for ourselves but also for the people around us. Although being held under control in some way or the other year, we all still need to be safe there and help the humans of the planet in some way.

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