Must watch period Korean drama which will take you into history

Netflix Has released a teaser for Kingdom: Ashin of the North, a bonus one episode story that will be released in January 2021. The teaser was just a few seconds long and let me tell you, it was enough to pull you into the screen and get accustomed to do it. It will be a “sidequal”, meaning that the main story will run side by side. Kingdom is a gory, wonderful, Korean period drama and there is no way one can say that, it is not surprising.

On that note, we have a list for you to specifically focus on the Korean period drama. If no one likes to watch zombies or murders and wants a light watch, choose one from the list or binge them all. There is nothing like “too much K-drama”.

Moonlight Love (Netflix)

Set in historical times, the story crowns the journey of the prince, the king’s only beloved son and a young man who supposedly should have been a man, but is actually our female protagonist who pretends to be a man and is slowly close. Prince, as he is appointed in the royal court. The story is funny, sweet and romantic all the time. The series has been an immediate success since it was released in South Korea and the media named “Moonlight Syndrome” for the latter part of the series as it sent a huge success story at home and abroad. The series stars Bo-gum and Kim Yo-jung.

Hwarang (netflix)

Set in the kingdom of Silla, the story follows an elite group of boys who come together to fight the privilege of nobles. The group is known as “Hieun Tsang”. A journey filled with friendship, bond, family and love, the show leads a cast of Park Seo-joon, Go Ae-ra, Choi Min-ho, Park Hyung-sik, Kim Tae-hyung (BTS to Wei) keeps. Too much. The show consists of 20 episodes and is a must watch

Rookie Historian Goo Hee-Rung (Netflix)

Starring Shin Sae-koyong in the lead role, Cha Yun-woo, the play is set in the Joseon Dynasty and follows the journey of a scholar as he is appointed to the royal court. She is quite new in her job and therefore goes through a lot of ups and downs. This 20 episode long series fills with love and fun and makes it one of the top watches for period plays on streaming.

My Country: New Age (Netflix)

At the end of the Goryeo period, when his beloved country was shifting to a new era, people had mixed feelings about how the country should run. Different positions, different perceptions turned the two friends into enemies. Between the changing country and the changing relationship, this play offers a lot. The play stars Yang Si-jong, Wu Do-hwan, Selhyun in the lead roles. The play has 16 episodes and was aired in 2019.

Moon hugging Moon (Netflix)

Starring Han Ga-in, Kim Soo-hyun, Jung Il-woo, the play takes on the concept of the moon and the sun and the characters are also positioned in such a way that they depict the relationship of the moon and the sun. The show is set in the Joseon Dynasty and follows the life of the royal family and the events leading up to the crown of the Miracle king. The show is 20 episodes long and full of entertaining drama and romance.

Apart from Korean dramas there are period dramas that are full of action as well as comedy, romantic. Some of the others are The Tale of Nokadu, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Rio, Tale of Orange, Mr. Sunshine, The Scholar Who Walked the Night, and many more.

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