“My first choice would be Le Mans” – Daniel Ricciardo revealed why he might have a future after the McLaren F1 stint? sport

“My first choice would be Le Mans” – Daniel Ricciardo opposed attending Le Mans in the options given as his future post McLaren stint.

McLaren finally signed Daniel Ricciardo after years of nervousness, but at the same time, the Australian race driver would soon be nearing the start of his career.

So, when asked which motorsport would he choose from the Indy 500 to Indianapolis, Le Mans 24 Hours or Dakar upon completion, he had an immediate answer.

“My first choice would be Le Mans. Many of my friends have done it and told me that it was an incredible experience, actually working with their peers, “McLaren Driver replies as per

“With your teammates you work for the team, sharing what could be better on the car, but we don’t share driving tips.” As a driver, you keep it with you.

“But at Le Mans, I think you share all your secrets with your teammates. It would be nice to be open and really work together,” he added.

And Ricardo likes one of Le Mans’ other challenges: “Driving without sleep for 24 hours will also be an opportunity to test my limits in terms of physics and concentration”.

Daniel Ricardo – Chief McLaren Needs

Ricardu has more than a decade of experience in Formula 1, and his ability in years of performances cannot be doubted, where he also managed to raise the bar of performance at Renault.

Amid his resurgence, Mlekaran was in dire need of a driver like Ricardo. Although Sainz had his own short experience, the Australian driver would soon be counted among the giants of the game.

This is why Andreas Seidel has his own expectations, such as with Ricardo McLaren’s team chief wants him to know the machine before stepping on the grid.

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