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123MKV is one of the most famous illegal websites streaming movies, web series and documentaries. 123MKV offers a wide variety of Hollywood films, Bollywood, South Indian dubbed films and many more movies.

123MKV website 2021

You can also download movies in HD quality on this website. The 123MKV website does not ask for any information from you nor does it request any form of sign-up to download movies. 123MKV is best known for uploading the latest movies without copyright and without the permission of the real owners. 123MKV debuted in 2018, but it became popular in 2019 when they started uploading South Indian dubbed movies and web series. Everyone likes to watch movies, but not everyone wants to spend money on subscriptions. So people use websites with illegal content like 123MKV.

The 123MKV website is currently blocked by the Government of India for offering illegal content which is completely illegal in India. Many filmmakers are also asking the government to ban all these illegal websites. Although 123MKV is blocked by the government, millions of people visit this website every month using proxies and VPNs. 123MKV has a large collection of various films and you can also see some Gujarati and Bengali films here.

You have to be a little careful while downloading videos from 123MKV as this website shows lots of pop-up advertisements. As we know that these websites are illegal so they have no other source of earning money from their website. Pop-up ads can harm your software by installing unwanted software, viruses, and malware. But overall this is fine because 123MKV offers you HD quality movies for free. If you want a safe side and want to speed up your download, you can use IDM (Internet Download Manager).

Download movies from 123MKV

123MKV has a very simple interface, so that you can easily download any movie without any hassle. If you visit this website, you may have a little trouble finding an actual download link. Popup ads and redirected advertising links sometimes make it more difficult to find the actual download button or link. You can easily find your favorite movies and web shows by searching in the search bar or you can select from the category section.

As piracy restrictions in India and many workers in the film industry, they are pressuring the government to stop all illegal content websites like 123MKV as illegal websites cause a lot of damage to the industry. So in 2018-19, the Government of India announced a new cinematographic act, and according to this, if someone shoots a film without legal permission, that person can go to jail for a minimum of 3 years. Therefore, the use of illegal content is also illegal, yet millions of people watch and download illegal movies without any problem.

Download Movie Step by Step 123MKV

Downloading movies from the 123MKV website is completely free, yet they do not compromise the quality of the movie. Here you can download movies in different video formats and different quality. Follow the steps below to download movies from the 123MKV website.

1. First of all you need a VPN or proxy, after installing it you can download the VPN from play store and activate it with different countries,
2. After this go to the 123MKV website (working link of 123mkv website is given below).
3. Now search your movie name in search bar or you can choose from categories.
4. Miracle, choose Video Quality and Video Format.
5. Now you will see download button with lots of advertisements.
6. After this, your page will be redirected and your download will start automatically.

Latest movies leaked by 123MKV

123mkv uploads the latest movies every day due to which many people like this website. Although 123mkv is banned in India, they still leak the latest films from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu. You can also download the latest movies here, sometimes they upload movies only after their release in theaters. This year 123mkv has also leaked several videos on its website. Here are some movies leaked by 123mkv.

bad boys for Life
Halal love story
family man
Scam 1992
The love
Raudram 2018
King lion
Mirzapur 2
Dream girl

123MKV works on website link 2021

123mkv.ts 123mkv.web
123mkv, W.S. 123mkv.online
123mkv.in 123mkv.xxy
123mkv a 123mkv.ca
123mkv.uk 123mkv.cl
123mkv.com 123mkv com

123MKV Proxy Website

123MKV has been leaking a lot of movies since its release, which is why many countries are banning all these illegal websites. But still sites like 123MKV appear to the user as proxy websites. Proxy websites are duplicates of a real website, when the government bans a real website, administrators just switch to proxy websites. All illegal websites have many different domain extensions than the actual domain name. But we do not encourage anyone to use or promote illegal illegal websites.

Best choice from 123MKV

Although 123MKV is a great website, piracy is banned almost everywhere, so you do not know how long the piracy website will last. Everyday Google and the government keep banning various illegal movie websites, so you should be aware of other options. So if your favorite website gets banned at that point, then you have other options for downloading illegal content. These websites are very well known and reliable, so you will not have any problem while downloading the movie. Here is 123MKV’s list of the best options.


If you do not want to be disturbed by advertisements, you can use legal sources to watch the film. When using legal options, it also supports the actual content creator. We only use and recommend legal sources to watch and download movies. Jio Cinema, Mx Player, Zee5, Sonyliv, Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime are some of the best legal sources / options for 123MKV for watching and downloading movies.

Compensation – 123MKV

According to the Indian government, there is a complete ban on content theft in India, so FilmyOne.com does not promote any form of theft. The information given here is only for the purpose of gaining knowledge about theft. We also ask our readers to use only legal sources to download movies.

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