Nail Polish court room drama on ZEE5, when will Arjun Rampal star?

Indian streaming platform ZEE5 has announced its next feature, nail polish, A court-drama directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna. The film was loved by the fans and now when the teaser has been released, the fans are very fond of it and are showing their love with tremendous response.

in a statement, Arjun Rampal, Who plays a defense lawyer in the film, says, “The screenplay is as intriguing as the title. This is a project that is extremely promising and allows everyone to push their limits. “This is Rampal’s second collaboration with ZEE5 after the final call. Here is all you need to know about movie details, including release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more.

What about nails / nails?

The film’s story is a fast-paced courtroom drama story, with an additional hypnotic secret. This is the story of a man accused of killing two migrant children, but the story is forced during a court session. During the trial, the accused shows different personalities, making it difficult to judge the actual scenario. He serves two different personalities.

What is the peak of Naal Polish?

The film’s cast is a special film of the time. Starring in the film is Arjun Rampal In the role of Sid Jaiswal. Manav kaul Will play the role of Veer Singh. Madhu Shah will play Shobha, Sameer Kaur will play Charu in the film. Anand Tiwari will play Amit Kumar.

Is there any trailer / teacher Available for ZEE5 NAIL POLISH?

There is a teaser available for Nail Polish, you can see it here, the official trailer will be uploaded soon

What is the release date for the ZEE 5 original nail?

The official release date of the film is yet to come. However, we are expecting the film to release on 1 January 2021.

Where to see?

You can only enjoy the movie premiere ZEE5 App. The film will be released ZEE5.

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