Names And Their Meanings

names and their meanings

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A few of these American names are picked up from the different list . The others are some unique ones. The names have special meanings. Read through them before you decide a name for your beautiful baby. 

Girl Baby Names and their Meanings

Names Meaning
Abigail Source of Joy
Ada Prosperous, Happy
Adelaide Noble, Of Good Cheer
Adrienne Feminine of Adrian
Agatha The Good
Agnes Pure, Gentle
Aileen Light
Aimee Beloved
Alanna Fair
Alarice Ruler of All
Alda Rich
Alexandra Helper of Mankind
Alice Noble, Of Good Cheer
Alina Fair
Alison Of Sacred Fame
Alma Nourishing
Amanda Loveable
Amaryllis Fresh, Sparkling
Amber Jewel
Anastasia One who shall rise again
Andrea Feminine of Andrew
Angela Angelic
Angelica Italian form of Angela
Anita Grace
Ann, Anne Grace, Mercy
Annabelle Joy
Annette Variant of Anne
Anthea Flower-Like
April To Open Up
Ariana Silvery
Arleen A Pledge
Astrid Impulsive in Love
Audrey Strong
Barbara, Bobbie Strange
Beata Blessed
Beatrice, Beatrix She Who Blesses
Becky The Ensnarer
Belinda Pretty
Belle, Bella Beautiful
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernice Bringer of Victory
Bertha, Berta Bright or Glorious
Bertina Bright, Shining
Beryl A Jewel
Bess Consecrated to God
Beth, Bethany Worshiper of God
Bettina Consecrated to God
Beverly From a Beaver Meadow
Bianca White
Blair Dweller of the Plain
Blanche White or Fair
Blythe Free Spirit
Bonnie Fair, Lovely
Brenda Flame
Briana Noble, Virtuous. The feminine of Brian
Brigid, Bridget Power and Virtue
Brittany, Britney From Britain
Brooke The Brook
Caitlin The Celtic form of Catherine
Camille Swiftness of Foot
Carissa Tender Touch
Carla Feminine of Charles
Carly Form of Caroline
Carmen Crimson or Red
Carrie, Carol, Caroline Song of Joy
Cherise Cherry
Catherine Pure
Charity Affection
Charlene Small Beauty
Chelsea Harbour
Cheryl Beloved
Chloe Blooming
Christine Christian Faith
Claire, Clare Clear and Bright
Clarissa Famous
Coral Small Stone
Courtney Royal Attendent
Cynthia Moon Goddess
Danielle Feminine of Daniel
Daphne Laurel Tree
Darlene Tenderly Beloved
Davida Feminie of David
Dawn Breaking of Day
Deborah The Bee
Deirdre Sorrow
Delilah Pining with Desire
Denise Form of Dennis
Diana, Diane Virgin Goddess
Dominica The Lord’s
Dominique Belonging to God
Donna Lady or Mistress
Dora A Gift
Doris Of the Sea
Drucilla Dewey Eyes
Echo Return of Sound
Eda Wealthy
Edana Fiery
Edeline Noble, Good Cheer
Edith Rich Gift
Edlyn Noblewoman
Edna Pleasure
Edwina Valuable Friend
Effie Of Fair Fame
Eileen Light
Elaine Light
Eleanor Light
Elena Form of Helen
Elga Elfin Spear
Elise Form of Elizabeth
Eliza The Chosen
Elizabeth God’s Oath
Ella Elfin
Ellen Light
Eloise Famous in Battle
Elsie Gaiety
Elvira White, Fair
Emeline Industrious
Emily Ambitious
Emma Ancestress
Erika Powerful, Regal
Ernestine Intent in Purpose
Esmeralda Green Gemstone
Erin Old Name of Ireland
Estelle A Star
Estra Goddess of Spring
Ethel Noble
Eudora Delightful Gift
Eugenia Well Born
Eunice Happily Victorious
Eva, Eve, Evelyn Life Giving
Faith Faith and Devotion
Fannie Free
Farrah, Fara Beautiful One
Fawn A Baby Deer
Faye Fairy
Fedora Divine Gift
Felicia Happy
Fern From a Fern Plant
Fiona Pretty
Flora Flower
Frances, Francesca Free
Freda, Frida Peaceful
Frederica Peaceful Ruler
Gabrielle God’s Messenger
Gale Lively
Gaye Lighthearted
Geneva The Juniper
Genevieve Humble
Georgette Feminine of George
Georgia, Georgiana Feminine of George
Geraldine Mighty with a Spear
Germaine Armed
Gertrude Spear Maiden
Gilda Servant of God
Gillian Feminine of Julian
Gladys Lame
Gloria Glorious
Glynnis Beautiful and Holy
Grace Blessing from God
Guinevere White or Fair
Gwen, Gwendolyn Fair
Gwynne White or Fair
Haley, Hayley Heroine
Hanna, Hannah Blessed by God
Harriet Mistress of the Home
Harley From the Long Field
Harmony Harmony
Hattie Mistress of the Home
Hazel Commander
Heather Flowering Heather
Helen, Helena Light
Henrietta Mistress of the Home
Hetty A Star
Hilda War Maid
Holly The Holly Bush
Honey Sweet as Honey
Hope Optimistic
Hortense Gardener
Ida, Idelle Happy
Imogen, Imogene Imagine
Ingrid Meadow
Irene Peace
Iris The Rainbow
Ivy God’s Gift
Ivory White as Ivory
Jacqueline Feminine of Jack
Jade Jewel
Jane God’s Gracious Gift
Janet Scottish variant of Jane
Janice Variant of Jane
Jasmine Flower
Jeanne Form of Joan
Jemima A Dove
Jennifer White Wave
Jessica, Jessie Woman of Wealth
Jewel Precious Gem
Jillian, Jill Young Child
Joan God’s Gracious Gift
Jocelyn, Joyce Just
Joanna God’s Gracious Gift
Josephine He Shall Add
Joy Delight
Judith, Judy Praised
Juliana, Julia Youthful
Julie, Juliet Forms of Julia
June Youthful
Justine Just
Kacey Eagle-Eyed
Kara Dear One
Karen, Karena Pure One
Kate Pure
Katherine, Kathy, Kathleen, Katrina Pure
Kay Rejoicing
Kayla, Kayleigh Variants of Kay
Keely Beauty
Kelsey Warrior
Kendra Wise
Kerri Dark-Haired
Kirstyn, Kirsten Annointed One
Kyla Lovely
Lacey Cheerful One
Lane Narrow Road
Lara Famous One
Larina Sea Gull
Larissa Cheerful
Laura, Laurel, Loralie, Lauren The Laurel
Laverna Vernal or Springlike
Leah, Leigh Weary
Leanne Combination of Lee & Anne
Lee, Lea Meadow
Leslie The Fortress
Leticia Joy
Lilah, Lillian, Lilly The Lily
Linda Beautiful
Linette Graceful
Lindsay From the Linden-tree Isle
Lisa, Liza Consecrated to God
Livia The Olive
Lizzie Consecrated to God
Lois Feminine of Louis
Lola, Lolita Variants of Charlotte
Lorelei Lengendary Siren
Lorena The Laurel
Lorraine A Place Name
Louisa, Louise Famous in Battle
Lucia, Luciana, Lucille Light
Lucinda, Lucy Love Light
Lulu Variant of Louisa
Luna Shining
Lynn A Cascade
Mabel Amiable
Madeline The Tower
Madge A Pearl
Magda, Magdalene A Tower
Maggie A Pearl
Maia Star
Maisie Precious
Mandy Harmony
Marcia Feminine of Marcus, Mark
Margaret A Pearl
Margot Variant of Margaret
Maria, Marie, Marian, Marilyn Forms of Mary
Marnia Maid of the Sea
Marissa Sea Born
Marta, Martha Lady or Mistress
Martina Warlike
Mary Star of the Sea
Matilda Mighty in Battle
Maude Mighty
Maura Dark
Maureen The Dark
Mavis Song-Thrush
Maxine The Greatest
Megan Great
Melanie Dark-Haired
Melinda Grateful
Melissa Honey Bee
Melody Of Song
Melvina Handmaiden
Mercy Compassionate
Meris Sea Born
Merle Blackbird
Michelle Feminine of Michael
Mildred Gentle
Millicent Strength
Minerva Goddess of Wisdom
Mirabelle Of Wondrous Beauty
Miranda Admirable
Miriam Rebellious
Misty Covered in Mist
Moira The Great
Molly Variant of Mary
Mona Solitary
Monica Counsellor
Mora Blueberry
Morgan Sea’s Edge
Muriel Myrrh
Myra Wonderful
Myrtle The Myrtle
Nadia, Nadine Hope
Nancy Grace
Naomi Delightful
Natalie Born at Christmas Time
Nathania Gift of the Lord
Nell Light
Nerissa Daughter of the Sea
Nerita Of the Sea
Nessa, Nessia Pure
Nicolette, Nicole People’s Victory
Nina Mighty
Noelle Christmas Child
Nola Noble or Famous
Nora, Norine Honour
Norma Model or Pattern
Nydia Refuge or Nest
Octavia Eighth
Odette Melody
Olga Holy
Olivia, Olive Symbol of Peace
Opal Gemstone
Ophelia Serpent
Oprah Fawn
Oriel, Orlena The Golden
Orlantha Fame of the Land
Orva Courageous Friend
Page Attendant
Pamela Sweet as Honey
Pandora Gifted
Pansy A Thought
Patience Virtuous
Patricia Noble Woman
Patty Variant of Patricia
Paula, Paulette Small
Pearl The Pearl
Peggy, Peg A Pearl
Penelope Weaver
Philippa Feminine of Philip
Philomena Nightingale
Phoebe Goddess of the Moon
Phyllis A Green Bough
Polly Variant of Molly
Primavera Spring’s Beginning
Primrose First Rose
Priscilla Dutiful
Prudence Prudent
Prunella Prune (Plum) Colour
Queen , Queenie Queen
Quenna Form of Queen
Questa Searcher
Quinella, Quintana The Fifth
Quintessa Essence
Rachel Female
Ramona Wise Protectress
Rebecca Faithful One, Bound
Regina Queenly
Renata, Renee Born Again
Rhea Earth
Rhoda A Rose
Rita A Pearl
Roberta Famous
Robin Feminine of Robert
Rosa A Rose
Rose, Rosalie Rose
Rosalind Fair Rose
Rosanne Rose of Grace
Rosemary Dew of the Sea
Rowena White Mane
Roxanne Dawn
Ruby Red Jewel
Ruth Friend to All
Sabrina, Brina Goddess of Severn River
Sacha Helper of Mankind
Sadie Princess
Salena Salt
Sally Princess
Salome Asked of God
Samantha Listener
Sandra Helper of Mankind
Sapphire Precious Gem
Sarah True Princess
Scarlett Red
Selene, Selena The Moon
Serena Serene
Shana Beautiful
Shannon Wise
Sharon Plains
Sheila Divine Place
Shirley From the White Meadow
Sibley Related or Family
Sibyl, Sybil Wise or Prophetic
Silver White
Simona, Simone It is Heard
Sirena A Siren
Tabidha Gazelle
Taliaa Blooming
Thamara Palm Tree
Thammy Perfect
Tanya Fairy Queen
Thara Tower
Thasha Short for Natasha
Tatum Spirited
Teresa, Teri Harvester
Tess Harvester
Thalia Joy or Blooming
Thea Divine
Thelma Nursing
Theodora Divine Gift
Thomasina The Twin
Thora Thunder
Tiffany Appearance of a God
Tilda Maid of Battles
Timothea Honouring God
Tina Little One
Tracy Fighter
Trina Pure
Trista The Sorrowful
Trixie, Trix She Who Blesses
Tuesday Day of the Week
Tyne River
Udelee Rich or Prosperous
Ulaa Jewel of the Sea
Ulriga Ruler of All
Ulva Wolf
Unaa One, United
Unity Unity
Ursa Form of Ursula
Ursula Little Bear
Valda Spirited in Battle
Valerie Healthy
Vanessa Butterfly
Vania God’s Gracious Gift
Veleda Of Inspired Wisdom
Vera The True
Verda Spring-like
Veronica True Face
Victoria Victorious
Violet Flower
Virginia Maiden
Vita Vital or Animated
Vivian, Vivianne Life
Wanda Vandal
Wenda, Wendy Wanderer
Whitney Island
Wilda Forest Dweller
Willa The Desired
Willette Resolute Protector
Willow Symbol of Healing
Wilona Desired
Winifred Friend of Peace
Winona First Born
Wynne Light Complexioned
Yolanda Violet Flower
Yvette God is Merciful
Yvonne Young Archer
Zeaa Grain
Zelda Variant of Griselda
Zelene Sunshine
Zera Seeds
Zoe Life Giving

Boy Baby Names and their Meanings

Names Meaning
Aaron Enlightened
Abbott Father
Abel Breath
Abner Father of Light
Abraham Exalted Father
Adam Man of Earth
Addison Son of Adam
Adler Eagle
Adley The Just
Adrian, Adrien The Dark One
Aedan, Aiden Born of Fire
Aiken The Oaken
Alan, Allan Handsome One
Alastair Defender of Men
Albern Of Noble Valor
Albert Noble, Bright
Albion White or Fair
Alden Wise Guardian
Aldis From the Old House
Aldrich Old Wise Leader
Alexander Great Protector
Alfie Form of Alfred
Alfred Supernaturally Wise
Algernon Bearded
Alston From the Old Manor
Alton From the Old Town
Alvin Noble Friend
Ambrose Immortal
Amery Industrious
Amos A Burden
Andrew Manly, Valiant
Angus Strong and Unique
Ansel Nobel
Anthony Priceless
Archer Bowman
Archibald Bold Prince
Arlen Pledge
Arnold Strong as an Eagle
Arthur, Art Champion, Follower of Thor
Arvel Wept Over
Atwater From the Waterside
Atwood Forest Dweller
Aubrey Ruler of the Elves
Austin Helpful
Avery Elfin Ruler
Axel Man of Peace
Baird Bard or Minstrel
Baldwin Princely Friend
Barclay Meadow of Birch Trees
Barnaby Prophet
Baron Nobleman
Barrett Bear-Like
Barry Marksman
Bartholomew Warlike
Basil King-like
Benedict Blessed
Benjamin Son of Right Hand
Benton Moor Dweller
Bernard Stern Bear
Bert Bright
Bevis Bowman
Blaine Lean or Thin
Blair Man of Flatlands
Blake Fair Complexioned
Bond Farmer
Boris Warrior
Bowen Son of Owen
Braden From the Broad Valley
Bradley from the Broad Meadow
Brandan, Brendan, Brendon Traveller
Brent From the Steep Hill
Bret, Brett Native of Brittany
Brian High, Noble, Strong
Brice Great Ambition
Brigham Dweller by the Bridge
Brock The Badger
Broderick Form of Roderick
Brooke A stream
Bruce Brushwood
Bruno Dark Complexioned
Bryant Strong
Buck The Deer
Bud Messenger
Burgess Citizen of a Town
Burton Fortress
Byron Bear
Cadman Warrior
Calvert Shepherd
Caldwell Near a Cold Well
Caleb Faithful
Calvin Bald
Carrick Rock
Carl Farmer
Carlton From Carl’s Farm
Carney Warrior
Carroll Champion
Carter Cart Driver
Carver Wood Carver
Cary Fort
Casey Brave
Casper Treasure
Cecil Blind
Cedric Chieftain
Chad, Chadwick Warrior
Chalmers Lord of the Household
Chandler Candlemaker
Channing A Canon
Chapman Merchant
Charles Manly
Chatwin Warlike Friend
Chester Castle Dweller
Christian A Christian
Christopher Christ-Bearer
Clarence Famous
Claude Lame
Clayton, Clay The Clay Farm
Clifford, Cliff Near the Cliff
Clive Cliff Dweller
Clyde Heard from Afar
Coleman Dove
Colin People’s Victory
Collier Miner
Conan Wise
Connell Friendship
Connor Lover of Hounds
Conrad Able in Counsel
Conroy Wise Man
Conway Hound in the Plain
Corwin The Raven
Crispin Curly Haired
Crosby Dweller by Town Cross
Culbert Cool and Brilliant
Culver Dove
Curt Short or Little
Curtis Courteous
Cuthbert Famous and Brilliant
Craig Rocky Hill
Cyril Lord-like


Dale, Daley Frequenter of Gatherings
Dalton Valley Estate
Damon Day of the Week
Daniel Ruler of the World
Darcy Dark
Darian Wealthy
Darell, Darrel Beloved
David Swift, Nimble, Beloved
Davin Little Deer
Dean Great Leader
Declan Full of Goodness
Delmar Mariner
Denley From the Valley Meadow
Dennis Wild or Crazy
Derek Great Ruler
Dermot Without Enemy
Derwin Friend of Wild Animals
Des, Desmond Like an Oak
Dexter Dexterous
Dillon Faithful
Dion Short for Dionysus
Dirk Ruler of People
Dixon Powerful Ruler
Dominic Belonging to the Lord
Donald Ruler
Dorian A Dorian
Douglas Dark
Doyle Stranger
Drake Dragon
Drew Trustworthy
Driscoll Interpreter
Dudley Residence Name
Duncan Dark Skinned Warrior
Durwin Beloved Friend
Dwayne Field or Meadow
Dwight White or Fair
Dylan Faithful, Loyal
Earl Nobleman
Eaton From the Riverside
Ebenezer Rock of Help
Edan Fiery Flame
Edgar Fortunate Spear
Edric Prosperous Ruler
Edmond, Edmund Guardian of the Riches
Edward, Eddie Happy Protector
Edwin Valuable Friend
Efrain Guardian of the Mists
Egan Ardent
Egbert Formidably Brilliant
Egerton The Edge
Egil A Sting
Elbert Nobly Brilliant
Eldon Respected
Eldwin Sage Friend
Eli, Ely, Elijah The Highest
Elias Jehovah is God
Eliot, Elliott Close to God
Ellery Cheerful
Elmer Awe-Inspiring
Elroy Royal
Elton Residence Name
Elvis A Wise and Noble Friend
Emerson, Emery Industrious
Emmanuel God-like
Emmett Hard Working
Emrick Immortal
Enoch Dedicated or Consecrated
Eric, Erik Honourable and Powerful
Ernest Iron Man, Vigour
Errol Wanderering Noble
Erskine Hill Dweller
Erwin Friend of the Sea
Esmond Protective Grace
Ethan, Ethanael Constant, Firm, Strong
Ethen Endurance
Eugene Born of the Yew Tree
Evan Young Warrior
Everett Wild Boar
Ezra The Helper
Fabian Bean Farmer
Fairfax Fair Haired
Falkner Falcon Trainer
Farley Distant Meadow
Farrell Man of Valor
Felix Prosperous
Fenton From the Flat Lands
Ferdinand Adventurous in Life
Fergal Brave and Couragous
Fergus, Ferguson Strong and Virile
Ferris Iron Worker
Finbar The Fair
Fitzgerald Son of Gerald
Fleming Originating from Flanders
Fletcher Arrow Maker
Floyd The Hollow
Forbes Prosperous
Forrest Woodsman
Foster Bird Catcher
Fox Cunning
Francis Free
Frank Free Man
Frasier Strawberry
Frederick Peaceful Ruler
Freeman A Freeman
Gabriel Man of God
Gale A Stranger
Galvin Sparrow
Gardner Gardener
Garret Spear Champion
Garrick Spear King
Garth Herdsman
Gavin White Hawk
George Farmer
Gerald, Gerard, Gerret Spear Carrier
Gideon Great Warrior
Gifford Gift-Brave
Gilbert Pledge
Giles Bearer of Shield
Gilroy Servant of the King
Glenn Valley
Goddard Divinely Firm
Godfrey God’s Peace
Godwin Divine Friend
Graham Grey Home
Grant Great
Grayson Son of Bailiff
Gregory Watchful One
Gresham From the Grazing Land
Griswald, Griswold Residence Name
Grover Dweller in the Grove
Guy Guide
Hadden From the Moor
Hadley Heath Covered Moorland
Hadwin Friend in War
Hal Variant of Henry
Halbert Bright Stone
Halden Half-Dane
Hale Robust
Hall From the Hall or Manor
Halsey Residence Name
Hamlin Ruler of the Home
Hanley From the High Meadow
Hardy Strong
Harlan, Harland Meadow of the Hares
Harley Army Meadow
Harold, Harry Power
Harris, Harrison Son of Harold
Hartley Residence Name
Heath, Heathcliff From Heath or Moorland
Hector Steadfast
Henry Ruler of the House
Herbert Bright Warrior
Herman Warrior
Homer A Pledge or Security
Horace, Horatio Timekeeper
Howard Strong Minded
Hubert Bright Minded
Hugh, Hugo Fire
Humphrey Supporter of Peace
Hunter Hunter
Ian God is Gracious
Igor Heroic Warrior
Irvin, Irving Handsome
Isaac Laughter
Isaiah God’s Salvation
Ivan Form of John
Iver, Ivar Archer
Ives Little Archer
Jack Godly
Jacob Conqueror
James, Jimmy Supplanter
Jarvis Accurate Arrow
Jason God is my Saviour
Jasper Bearer of Treasure
Jed Beloved of the Lord
Jeffrey Peace Bringer
Jeremiah, Jeremy Exalted
Jerome Of Sacred Name
Jesse Gift Giver
John God is Gracious
Jonathan A Gift
Joseph, Joey, Joe God Multiplies
Joshua God is my Salvation
Justin Just
Kane Honor
Keene Sharp
Keegan Fiery
Keaton Where Hawks Go
Keith Forest
Kelsey Island of Ships
Kelvin Friend of the Sea
Kendall Narrow River
Kendrick Ruler
Kenneth, Ken Handsome
Kent Bright White
Kenway Courageous in Battle
Kenyon Blonde Haired
Kerry The Dark
Kerwin Dark Skinned
Kevin Handsome
Kiefer Barrel Maker
Kilby Residence Name
Kilian Blind
Kim Chief
Kimball Royally Brave
Kingsley Residence Name
Kirby Residence Name
Kirk Church
Kit The Christ-Bearer
Kody Helpful
Konrad Bold Speaker
Kurt Able in Counsel
Kyle Handsome
Lambert Land Bright
Lamont Lawyer
Lancelot Land
Landon Owner
Landry Ruler of the Place
Lane Narrow Road
Lars Variant of Lawrence
Laurence Bay or Laurel Tree
Lee Meadow
Leith Wide
Leonard, Leo, Leon Bold Lion
Leroy Powerful King
Leslie Residence Name
Lester Camp of the Legion
Lincoln Residence Name
Lionel Lion-like
Lloyd Grey
Logan Trench or Forest
Lombard Long-Beard
Louis, Lewis Warrior
Lowell Beloved
Lucas, Luke Luminous
Luther Warrior
Lyndon Linden Tree
Maddox Beneficent
Magnus Great
Malcolm Royal Blood
Melvin Servant
Marcus Warlike
Mark, Marc Variant of Marcus
Marlon Falcon
Martin Warlike
Marvin Sea
Matthew Gift of the Lord
Maurice Dark Skin
Max, Maxwell Great
Medwin Powerful Friend
Melville Form of Malvin
Merlin Bird
Michael Like God
Milburn Residence Name
Miles Soldier
Monroe A Wheeler
Montague Residence Name
Montgomery Mountain
Morgan From the Sea’s Edge
Morris Moorish
Morton From the Farm or Moor
Murray Seaman
Nathaniel, Nathan Gift of God
Neal Champion
Neville New Town
Nicholas People Triumph
Nigel Black
Noel To be Born
Norman Norseman
Norris Caretaker
Olaf Relic
Olin Holly
Oliver Olive Tree
Orson Like the Bear
Oscar Spear of God
Oswald Of God-Like Power
Otis Hears Well
Owen Well-Born
Paul Small
Paxton Travelling Trader
Percival, Percy The Gorge Piercer
Perry Pear Tree
Peter Rock or Stone
Peyton Form of Patrick
Philbert Illustriously Brilliant
Philip Horse Lover
Phineas Brazen Mouth
Pierce Rock or Stone
Quade Fourth
Quenby Form of Quimby
Quillan Cub
Quimby Woman’s Estate
Quentin Fifth Child
Quinby Residence Name
Quincy Residence Name
Quinlan Strong
Quinn The Wise
Ralph Variant of Randolph
Ramsey Island of Ravens
Randolph Strong Shield
Raymond Wise Guardian
Reginald Power
Renfred Peacemaker
Rex King
Rhett Stream
Richard Powerful Ruler
Ridley Residence Name
Riley Valiant
Robert, Robin Bright Fame
Roderick Famous Ruler
Rodney Famous
Roger Famous Warrior
Roland Fame of the Land
Rolf Wolf
Ronald Of Mighty Power
Rory Red King
Ross Wood
Roswell Mighty Steed
Roy King
Royce Son of Roy, Kingly
Rufus Red-Haired
Rupert Of Shining Fame
Russell Red
Ryan Variant of Bryan
Samson Bright as the Sun
Samuel Answer to Prayers
Scott From Scotland
Sean Heavenly Generosity
Sebastian Majestic
Seth Appointed One
Seymour Moorish Saint
Shamus Supplanter
Shawn God’s Gracious Gift
Shelley Articulate
Sherard Of Splendid Valour
Sheridan The Wild Man
Sherlock Fair-Haired
Sherman Occupation Name
Sherwin A Friend
Sidney Earthy
Sigmund Victorious Protection
Silas Sound Forester
Simon A Visionary and Listener
Sinclair The Illustrious
Sloane Warrior
Solomon Peaceful
Spencer Steward
Stanley, Stan Stony Field
Stephen, Stefan Crown
Sterling High Quality
Stewart, Stuart A Steward
Theobold Patriotic
Theodore Gift of God
Thomas Dependable
Timothy Honour God
Titus The Safe
Tobias Goodness of the Lord
Toby God is Good
Todd Fox
Tony Beyond Praise
Travis, Travers At the Crossing
Trent Torrent
Trevor Great House
Tristan Sorrowful
Troy After the City
Truman A Faithful, Loyal Man
Tyler Occupation Name
Udolf Prosperous Wolf
Unwin Nonfriend
Uriah God is my Light
Vance Thresher
Vaughan Small
Vernon Flourishing
Victor Conqueror
Vincent Victorious
Wallace Stranger
Walter Powerful Ruler
Walton Residence Name
Ward Guardian
Warren Protective Friend
Washington Residence Name
Wayne Wagon Maker
Wesley Man from the West
Wilbur Beloved Stronghold
Willard Great Bravery
William, Will Determined Guardian
Willis Variant of Will
Winston Town of Victory
Winthrop Residence Name
Wyatt Guide
Wylie Beguiling
Wyman Warrior
Zachariah Remembered by the Lord
Zachary Remember the Lord
Zebadiah Gift of the Lord
Zane Form of John
Zebediah God’s Gift

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