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05 November 2020

Nani’s Shyam Sinha Roy is back in the news after changing producer, following rumors of getting shelter due to budget shortfall. Taxiwala fame Rahul Sankrityayan will direct the film and Sai Pallavi and Kriti Shetty are the two leading ladies.

Now, the latest grapevine in Tollywood circles suggests that Nani will play the role of a filmmaker in Shyam Singh Roy. Well, Nani always dreamed of becoming a director and started her career as an assistant director. Shyam Singh Roy will at least fulfill his dream on the big screen.

Shyam Sinha Roy will present the background of Kolkata with rebirth as the main theme of the story. Shooting will begin in December and a major part of the shooting will take place in Kolkata.

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