NAWAZUDDIN SIDDIQI’S Critical Review: The Story of a Member Community

NAWAZUDDIN SIDDIQI’S Critical Review: The Story of a Member Community

An insight into continuing caste inequalities, Serious man of Nawazuddin Siddiqui There is a dark comedy that will haunt you for days. This original Netflix film talks about a Brahmin scientist, Arvind Acharya and his personal assistant Ayyan Mani, a Dalit. Ayyan Mani’s quirky and curious personality is fully handled by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This film is the story of the great division of ages going on in our country.

It is the struggle of a Dalit who lies, cheats and tries to appear, to a society that does not bother to consider them invisible. He describes himself and those like him as gravity. It is present everywhere yet it seems invisible.

Manu Joseph’s novel Serious Men was a huge success. The critically acclaimed debut novel won the 2011 PEN Open Book Award. Manu Joseph very cleverly put forward the concept of “serious men”. Ayyan Mani was called by names like Moran or Knob Head.

He set out on a journey to make his son a ‘serious man’. In an ardent desire to earn fame and move upward in the social ladder, Ayane cleverly convinced everyone that this 10-year-old son is a genius. Their actions cannot be justified, but their anger is worth your 1 hour 54 minutes.

Sudhir Mishra has directed films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and he is the right choice to direct this film on a common man. Bollywood which is famous for its wiring vibes, flashy cars, branded clothes and stories ranging from ordinary days to middle class stories. Movies like Serious Men were hits. Such stories keep the essence of cinema alive and maintain its sanctity.

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Serious man
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Cinema is a reflection of society and ironically these stories are carried forward. Still, it cannot be denied that we are moving towards change. Nevertheless, it is a long way.

Ayan is a satirical, intelligent and inquisitive person who possesses great observational skills. Still it is difficult to understand. He wants the best for his son but eventually stands on the edge of destroying his present. The strong character is funny and a great convincing. Ayan lives in a slum and is a Dalit. Apart from all this, this character is one such personality of our Indian society where parents hand over their unfulfilled dreams to their children.

The 10-year-old ‘genius’ etc. suffered trauma due to the pressure that carries this stuff. Ayan Mani’s insecurities and issues separated childhood from a young child. The innocent child was fighting a battle which was unknown to her. He was composed to recite words and principles he barely knew. In all, Adi was considered to be contrary to his abilities.

The story has an ambitious man who does not want the same fate as falling on his child. While inspiration is justified and shows him to be a loving and caring father, verbs cannot be eliminated. But he soon realized that the barrier society planned to bring in his way. He soon discovers that his son is a slow learner. Sufficiently infected, Ayyan crossed all the boundaries of society and decided to take a short cut.

Once he tells his wife that he belongs to the second generation and the privileged upper caste people belong to the fourth generation. People like him have to struggle and work till their last breath to uplift their children to the next generation. He reveals that his son will be educated enough to live in the third generation. Then their children will enjoy the benefits of the 4th generation which children of superior castes enjoy from birth. He concludes that it takes four generations for that person to receive that honor or privilege.

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Serious man
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He tried and was successful in making his child a genius. He went to every extent to prove the false theory. Adi became a star, after all, Ayan received the accolades he wanted for his child. The media, paparazzi and even politicians were after all a talented child. But how long will the truth be cited?

The events of the series exposed the scandal and it crushed a 10-year-old boy, etc., before crushing anyone else.

The battle for equality and respect was soon fueled by the disappointment of Ayyan Mani. The victim of this frustration was none other than his child.

Another contradiction is shown in Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Serious Men. On one hand, a poor Dalit woman is living in a slum whose identity is limited to Bob’s wife. She is a victim of domestic violence and is implicated in this torture. The other side is that Keshav’s daughter is a powerful politician. She suffered from domestic violence and got out of it. Her father’s power would make her delinquent husband stand behind bars. There is division in our society here. Division in everything including justice.

It is written by Bhavesh Mandaliya, inspired by Manu Joseph’s critically acclaimed novel. It has a narrative style and uses satire and humor to deal with sensitive themes. It was a poignant and simple writing style.

The cinematography was superb and was appreciated. Shot of Slum, his house summoned in a single room, which describes the completely pathetic situation in which these people live. The leap and resonance of the Dalit theme for Ambedkar’s paintings determine the sense of the scene. These scenes have a huge impact on the audience, and the scene describes the contradictions and protests.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has once again proved to be a versatile actor. With intricate expression and superb acting, Nawaz is the highlight of the film. The actor perfectly blended into the role of a downtrodden living in slums. He is an actor of the common people and has proved his excellence many times. His wife Oja played a good role.

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Serious man of Nawazuddin Siddiqui There is a story of a father trapped within caste boundaries, who digs a hole to get his son out. He successfully kicks his son out of it and, ironically, keeps him in a cage in his despair and unrealistic expectation.

It is the need of the hour and a daring piece of cinema. It captures the struggle for caste inequality, the urge to gain fame, the petty cuts of people, the concept of talent and the thirst for intelligence.

And it is definitely for all primitive minds.

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