“NBA Top Shot is not just a craze”: NBA licensed digital collectibles continue to grow as they make $ 53 million a week alone. sport


Officially licensed digital collectible venture NBA Top Shot has increased in popularity as it grows to $ 53 million in just 7 days time.

Ever since the inception of sports around the world, trading cards of some of the most recognizable athletes from their respective sports have been produced. Over time, novelty trading cards changed from a mere pass-time to million dollars Business.

Companies such as Topps manufactured cards with a degree of rarity; The rarer the card, the higher it is. However, at an age dependent on this technique, It is only right that the idea of ​​trading cards be implemented in the digital world.

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NBA Top Shot does just that, allowing NBA fans to buy ‘moments’ occurring within a game at a fixed price. The more bombarded the moment, the higher the evaluation of that particular moment. The Digital Collections Company took off shortly before and it does not seem to slow down any time soon.

NBA Top Shot Earns $ 53 Million in Just One Week

Digital Collectibles has handled this NBA Tech by storm. So much so that podcasts like missmatch have discussed it a lot. Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor look pretty Enamored All this as they supported the NBA top shot quite heavily.

According to Forbes, the site has added 33,00 new users in just one week and has completed about 500,000 transactions, doing a business of about $ 53 million at the same time.

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However a unique aspect of NBA Top Shot is that every purchase made on the site is unique to the consumer. In other words, unlike a trading card, the ‘moment’ bought by one Consumer Cannot be exchanged or traded with the owner of another ‘moment’.

This can lead to its continued popularity. It would be quite satisfying for a single moment to occur within a game while also being certified by the NBA. Fans can purchase their favorite moment as long as they wish, keeping it with them.

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