NDTV journalist celebrating deaths in Bengal! Wrote on the news of violence – ‘As you do, you will be filled’


New Delhi: Violence continues in Bengal after the election results are out. It is being condemned all over the country. On the other hand, there are some people who are busy justifying this killer game. One such tweet was done by NDTV journalist Soumit Mohan. Indeed, NDTV journalist Soumit Mohan on Monday tried to justify the attack on ABVP workers in Bengal.

“Fill as you do”, Somit wrote, reacting to a tweet by state-run news agency ANI. It may be noted here that the news on which Mohan had commented stated that ABVP workers were attacked by TMC goons. ANI said in a tweet that 15-20 TMC goons attacked the Kolkata office of ABVP. There was sabotage. The ABVP beat up the activists and also damaged the idols of Lord Hanuman and mother Kali.

Going into Soumitra’s profile shows that his bio has NDTV. Although Soumitra has deleted his comment, he has not yet apologized for the lewd remarks. However, in a tweet, he said that his Twitter handle was manipulated at around 10:45 am, while his comments on the attack on ABVP workers were made at 10:36 pm. It is not appropriate to make such remarks on deaths and violence in Bengal, especially when you are a journalist yourself.

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