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America is proud of its sovereignty and democracy. The US Election 2020 is a spectacle to see everywhere on Earth as well as from space!

2020 US Presidential Election Between which is being held Coronavirus The epidemic saw millions of voters casting ballots from their homes, many millions walking on election day, and an American empowered the president to elect the next president from space. NASA The astronaut, Kathleen Rubins, is observing the electoral weather coming from space to her home country. Rubins cast his vote from the International Space Station. NASA on October 23, 2020, in front of a padded booth called “ISS Voting Booth”, “From the International Space Station: I voted today.”

Rubin also voted from the International Space Station in 2016 when he was a member of an expedition 48–49 crew. NASA has also uploaded a video in which Rubin can be seen encouraging everyone to vote. In a video uploaded by NASA, Rubins said, “I think voting is really important for everyone.” Watch:

Video courtesy: NASA

“And if we can do it from space, I believe people can do it from the ground as well.”

At the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Kathleen Rubins urged fellow Americans to vote.

How do astronauts vote from space?

As the period of space missions for astronauts expanded from days to months, it became necessary for countries to exercise their right to vote from space. Rubins himself is on a six-month stint at the International Space Station, which began on October 14, his 42nd birthday. Back in 1997, the US passed a bill that allows astronauts to vote from space. Since then, many NASA astronauts have exercised their civil rights From the Lower Earth Orbit. As NASA works towards sending astronauts to the moon in 2024 and eventually to Mars, the agency’s plan is to continue to ask astronauts to make sure they want to vote from space, regardless of the solar system. Be in

The process begins with the Federal Postcard Application, or the FPCA like any absentee voting process in the USA. The form is filled by astronauts ahead of their mission to indicate their intention to vote in the upcoming elections. The form is similar to the form filled by family members of military personnel who are serving outside the states. Generally, astronauts choose Texas as the state to cast their vote, because of where they are trained. However, NASA also makes special arrangements if they want to vote from their home counties.

As space missions expanded from days to months, it became necessary for astronauts to vote from space.

After the FPCA is done, the exciting experiment follows. A test vote is sent by personnel responsible for voting to the county clerk in the astronaut’s home county. The county clerk sends the test ballot to the team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. They test the ballot on an active computer on the International Space Station. If they are able to fill the ballot, the test is considered successful, a secure electronic ballot is generated by the clerk office of Harris County and the surrounding counties in Texas. It is uplinked by Johnson’s Mission Control Center for the voting crew member. The county clerk then sends an email to the astronaut. The crew members in this email have specific credentials that enable astronauts to access secure voting that they can use to vote. After the astronaut voted, the entire ballot has been dropped. It is then sent to the county clerk’s office, where it was first generated. It is important that votes are cast before 7 pm local time on election day. NASA says that this is the fastest and most transparent process so that living in space does not become an obstacle.

See: how astronauts vote from space

Video Credit: Half as Interesting

Earth during this …

The US president went to vote for his next president on 3 November. Cast about 35,930,516 In-person vote. US presidential elections received more than 100 million (101,214,494) early votes, while the mail ballot return count has crossed 65 million. Florida, an important state for both parties, has cast nearly 9 million votes. Country. North Carolina, another state on the clock, has already passed 95% of the votes cast in 2016. Initial votes in states such as Washington and Texas have exceeded the total number of votes cast in these states in 2016. As the count of mail-in ballots begins, America eagerly awaits the outcome of a fierce battle between former VPs Joe Biden And president Donald Trump.

In charts: How was the US vote?

Infographic 1: Historical voting in US presidential election 2020

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Infographic 2: How American Election Voting Meets with Elections in Other Democracies

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