Netflix Juggernaut March On, Becomes No. 2 TV Group in Europe

Netflix Baazigar is conquering new territories day by day. It has now become Europe’s second largest private TV player, surpassing Germany’s ARD network to just below pole position. It now ranks second after Comcast’s Sky Television Network, the market leader in Europe. The rankings have arrived, taking into account TV groups’ revenue, and not reach or viewership.

The results are the findings of the latest analytical reports prepared by the research and analysis firm, Ampere Analysis. According to Ampere Analysis, Comcast and Sky have a 12% market share in Europe, while Netflix has a 6.1% market share in TV revenue. Sky’s acquisition of Comcast has paid off well, providing an irrepressible position in Europe’s TV landscape. It would be years before Netflix could beat the Comcast + Sky joint monopoly in the European TV market.

As reported by analysts at Ampere Analysis, Netflix has grown rapidly in Europe since its launch in 2012. By 2016, Netflix had expanded across Europe, raising more than $ 1 billion in revenue. And now, by 2020, it has surpassed German public broadcaster ARD TV in revenue share.

Netflix is ​​also on course to increase its membership rates in most areas. It has already announced an increase in membership rates in the US and UK. Other states will definitely witness increased Netflix subscription rates. The move will help Netflix to gain more revenue, giving it a larger purse to spend on more quality content.

In recent times, Netflix has increased its spending on commissioning from European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands and other Norwegian countries.

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