Netflix: What are the 5 best comedy shows on Netflix

Netflix premieres some of the best comedy shows that bring moments of joy, heartbreak, and family conflict to the audience. With heart touching stories, the series delivers social messages about relevant topics such as sexuality, homophobia, racism, mental illnesses.

Comedy shows allow you to delve into the minds of the characters. If you’re looking for the 5 best comedy shows on Netflix, then we’ve compiled a curated list for you.

once a day

With a heart-wrenching plot, One Day at a Time is no doubt one of the best comedy shows available on Netflix. The show is a remaking of the 1975 sitcom of the TV classic, Norman Lear of the same name. With the use of creative humor, it easily changes the subject to weigh in on weighty, topical issues. The show features Rita Moreno as Lydia and Justina Machado as Penelope and gives a terrific performance.

On my block

Netflix’s On My Block is an upcoming teen-comedy-drama. This young sitcom and drama is based on the story of four bright friends, who are quite street dwellers. It is set in a Hispanic and Black neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. The plot provides a heartwarming story of friendship and survival.

Fuller House

Fuller House was released on Netflix in 2016 and is a spin-off of the classic sitcom, Full House, which premiered from 1987 to 1995. The sequel brings back some of the original cast. The creator of the original show, Jeff Franklin, returns to the sequel hull to re-watch the original series. The family avoids their upbringing, romance and other surprises that demand a life from them.

Everything sucks

Love on Netflix, everything sucks! Ben Jones is produced by Jones and Michael Mohan. This is a coming-of-age drunken series about a flock of disgruntled and angry children. They need to survive in a world that seems pre-occupied by clueless and mean adults. The series is a parody of teen-culture from the mid-1990s.

good feeling

The masterpiece by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson, Feel Good is a series about a recovering addict and comedian Mae. The series covers Ma’s passionate and gutsy life as she attempts to organize her life.

This comedy-drama series will embrace you with its warmth and humor. This series touches heavy aspects of life and brings diverse and wonderful stories to us.

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