Netflix: What are the 5 best gangster movies on Netflix?

If you are looking for some gangster crime dramas on Netflix with a catchy, bloody, melodramatic plot that will also give you some historical insight, then we have some of the best recommendations for you. It will catch your attention and you will definitely be in the bloody brawls and crime scenes.

Here are some of the best movies from gangster crime drama genre that is available for you to stream on Netflix.


One of the best crime drama directors of all time, Martin Scorsese brings you the classic film The Departed. It has an all-star cast, and in this action thriller film, you’ll land in downtown Boston. The state’s police stand against the city’s dangerous crime ring, which is at the center of the film. It is also a remake of the 2002 film, titled Internal Affairs. In the lead of this film, we have Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

the Aviator

We have brought for you another Martin Scorsese film recommendation. The aviator starred Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Howard Hughes in this 2005 film. He plays the tycoon with a brilliant mind, but troubled by a mental illness that threatens to bring him down. The film is a bridge between the brilliant and the dark.

inside Man

Inside Man is a 2006 film starring Spike Lee. It is a bank robbery film and starred Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, and Clive Owen. The heirs are performed in Wall Street and events take place on the same day.

public Enemies

Public Enemy is a 2009 film starring Michael Mann. The film stars John Dilling as Johnny Deppling. The film is set in the Depression-era. John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd form a gang to bring terror to the city and they give the police a hard time.


Helmed by the 2004 film by Michael Mann, Collateral is a masterpiece of American cinema. It is a light-action action film, and has a stellar cast. It features Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg and Bruce McGill as police detectives and pitted them against the killer Vincent. Vincent plays Tom Cruise in the film.

In all these films, you will get a taste of historical, social and political events. If you are digging for gangster crime films on all Netflix, then we have prepared a special list for you to give a great cinematic experience.

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