Netflix’s Christmas Crossfire is as unique a Christmas movie as it can be

Netflix Bringing a German flick to our screens and this time all about Christmas. You might be thinking, it might be a sweet, sweet romantic German film, but no, the German people don’t. Doing it with a complete bang, “Christmas Crossfire” is all about guns, murders and a lot of bad luck.

Christmas Crosfayr is released on December 4, the film may be purely categorized under the genre of “dark comedy”. A film about pure misfortune and how a man attracts himself only to him, is what drives the film. It all started when a man wants to spend fun of Christmas in the cold, with a girl in the countryside of Germany, which has met him and then suddenly start a series. He hears a voice and when he goes out, he appears to be attempting an assassination, due to the distraction he creates, the one who is to be killed runs away, leaving the gang members to target and search for both Live in because of all these accidents.

Not only are the gang members looking for him, but the girl he has left in the middle is also looking for him. As the film progresses, we get a sense of more characters coming in, who somehow seem to create a chain reaction and it becomes a game of gunfire, murders, assassinations and everything else that Christmas There is nowhere around the vibrancy.

It will be a fun and unique piece of a Christmas film and it will set a different record for those known for Christmas films.

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