Netflix’s Luna Nera – Witch Haunts and Historical Drama Genre – An Entry on Tech

The Italian fantasy series is based on a brutal witch hunt that took place 400 years from now in Northern Europe and America.

Needless to say, There is no shortage on netflix riveting is rooted in historical drama and fantasy. As shown ‘Jadutona’ And ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is able to carve a niche for itself by offering new perspectives on witchcraft and mysticism. Given how gorgeous the fan is Historical drama of netflix The streaming veteran has given his devoted audience ‘black Moon‘, A six episode Italian series featuring witchcraft, love and powerful destiny.


  • Is ‘Luna Nera’ based on a true story?
  • Who are the main characters of Netflix’s Luna Nera?
  • What happens to Ed in the season finale?

Plot of Italian Historical Imagination – ‘Luna Nera’

The fictional story is inspired by Italian folklore and a history of witch-hunting that takes us back 17Th Century italy Locals in Serra, a small town in northern Italy, believe that the city is influenced by the presence of witches. A witch-hunting clan named Benandanti believes that the purpose of their lives is to fight and kill the witches to save the villagers, their criminals, and to maintain the sanctity of the church.

Promised special effects, great costumes and a plot inspired by the witch-hunt in 17Th Century europe, ‘Luna Nera’ Trailer Gives us all the ingredients that make a good historical drama.

Video Credit: Miiaw

The essence of the trailer of ‘Luna Nera’ on Netflix reads:

“In 17th-century Italy, women did not have a simple life, especially if they were accused of witchcraft. This fate falls to Eddie (Antonia Fotaras), who is forced to leave the city where she lives, to avoid being burned alive in flames. Ade thus finds herself also living with the women who live in the forest, has also been accused of witchcraft, and is for liking: leave her victim Pietro, the leader of the witch hunter Has a son, or fulfills his destiny. “

Who are the main characters?

The show, created by an all-female trio of directors – Francesca Maneri, Laura Paolucci, and Tiziana Triona featured a number of powerful female characters and compelling subplots, leaving viewers with a nail-biting cliffhanger in the final episode.

Ade (Antonia Fotaras), a 16-year-old midwife, is the protagonist of the story who surrounds herself with suspicion of being a witch when she helps an upper-class mother give birth to a child. Her grandmother warns her about the ongoing witch hunt and it is very true that these self-proclaimed guardians (Benandanti) will hold her responsible for the infant’s death.

Luna Nera from Netflix – An Entrancing Take on Witch Hunts

After her grandmother’s death, Ade runs deep into the jungle with her younger brother Valente to escape Benandanti and take refuge in a place where ancient witches reside (according to her grandmother).

Pietro (Giorgio Belli) plays the role of Ade’s love, who is called home by her father Santé from a secret school to see her sick child, where he studies medicine. In the town of Sainte, the witch is the leader of a clan of hunters and it is certain that the same witches who kill the infant are responsible for his wife’s deteriorating health.

Pietro believes in science and tries to make the villagers realize that there is always a correct scientific explanation for every superstition. Talking about his father, about innocent women who lost their lives in unbridled accusations and rumors of witchcraft, Pietro is the only one who is convinced that these trends of women are fully Is considered vindictive.

The show screams female empowerment as reflected by strong witches such as Persepolis, Leptis, Janera, and Tobe of the Lost City, who help Eddie harness her true powers.

‘Luna Nera’ – The Book

Translated into Black Moon in English, ‘Luna Nera’ is an adaptation of Tiziana Tryana’s novel titled “Loser city. black Moon“(The Lost Cities. Black Moon) which is the first segment in the trilogy.

Production of the series began in July 2019, while the books reportedly hit a few months after the shooting began. Since “The Lost Cities” is considered a trilogy, ‘Luna Nera’ book Fans can also expect a later sequel to the web series.

The ‘Luna Nera’ British English dubbed version fits well and is as good as the original.

Ending explained: How did season 1 of ‘Luna Nera’ end?

The season finale reveals a lot of what fans might have anticipated from the first season. Episode six opens as a prisoner with Valente and Leptis Marzio orezi watch, Who performs a spell to block the powers of witches. Persepolis arrives in the city and collects news about their execution. He notices Pietro asking Sparto for help to free Valanetti from prison, who plans to retrieve the key to his cell.

Meanwhile, the witches prepare for the Candle Festival with plans to free Valentin and Leptis. The witches arrive at the city with their faces covered with masks and begin to carry out their plan when they are taken captive by Benandanti.

Video Credit: Drag Explorer

Pietro learns of his arrest and begs to take his younger sister Saffron to Ade. The city prepares for the mass execution of witches, while Sante and Margio accuse the city of wreaking havoc. Just when he is about to set fire to the stakes in which witches are tied up, the sky is darkened as the villagers see a strange solar eclipse.

Shortly, the witches are teleported and form a circle with Valentin in the center, whose eyes are emitting a green blush. It appears that Valentin is controlling his fellow colleagues, who have their eyes out. When the villagers lie unconscious on the floor, Valentin flies into the air and arrives for Sainte.

Sante tries to capture Valentin but finds Ed on his way who stabs him to save his brother. Pietro is seen killing his father as he retreats with fellow witches and his brother.

Impressed by his father’s death, Pietro pledge allegiance For Benandanti and appoints Spirito as his subordinate who comes as a blow to Cesarea.

After Valente being baptized by witches, the audience discovers that Antalia is remembering his past when Valentin was born. Fans then learned that he had given up his youth to save his child, Valenti, in which he gave a very powerful mantra and turned him into a boy. But the spell will break on the first black moon (Luna Nera), that is when Valentin appears as a girl and is chosen according to the prophecy.

Eddie is broken after the revelation, surprised, and annoyed by her. She realizes that Antalia is his mother who was pretending to be his grandmother all these years. Angered by lying and cheating, Ade walks away in the snow. In the last scene, she spins a spell and her eyes turn pitch black – opaque as if she had riddled with darkness.

Pietro joins the witch hunts, Valentin becomes a girl, and Ade is not chosen after all the hype. A lot is happening at the finale, one at a time, which leaves the audience asking if Pietro would avenge his father’s death, etc. and what will happen to Cesarea – both of them betrayed in different ways . With many questions left unanswered, fans will be awaiting the renewal of ‘Luna Nera’.

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