Netflix’s next Spanish original ‘Feria’ is a teen thriller drama

Of netflix Filming of the latest Spanish original series ‘Feria’ has begun. The series comes from creators Agustin Martinez (‘La Caja. Monteperdido’, ‘There is no heaven without Brest’) and Carlos Montero (‘Elite’, ‘Disorder You Leave’).

‘Feria’ is set in the mid-1990s in a small white village in the Andalusian mountains, where the inhabitants are not as innocent as they seem. Directed by George Dorado and Carles Torrens, this new thriller series from Netflix is ​​produced by Flimax.

Netflix’s official logline for ‘Feria’ reads, “What if two teenage sisters find out that their parents are monsters?” Eva (Ana Tomano) and Sophia (Carla Campra) must face the gruesome crime their parents feel they have gone through, leaving behind 23 victims before disappearing. How are these sisters going to survive in a city that hates them? Is it possible that they knew their parents so poorly or is there some reason that they were involved in the incident? This is the route that Eva and Sophia will take in Feria, a city where reality hides a magnificent universe. “

Best Actress Marta Nieto (‘Mother’, ‘State Secrets’), and young actresses Ana Tomano (‘The Minimal Island’) and Carla Campra (‘Sequelas Dale (H) AMPA Award Winner’). ‘Feria’, which will feature Cngela Cremonte (‘The Cable Girls’, ‘Lies’), Patricia Lopez (‘While the war lasts’, ‘The other look’), Freeze (ant Gigantes) ‘, istan las distinias’) and Ernest Villegas (ille nite i dia ‘, id infidels’).

The creators of ‘Feria’, Agustin Martinez and Carlos Montero, described the Netflix origin as saying, “You’re 17 years old, you live in Andalusia in the 90s and one day your sister and you discover that your parents Is accused of killing more than twenty people. They have disappeared and left us alone facing the entire city asking for justice and revenge. Thus begins the story in which There is a cult, grunge music, some magnificent creatures, the Andalusian sun and a mine that looks like a maze. All these and many more are ferias. “

Regarding his collaboration with Netflix, he added, “An ambitious concept that needed a platform like Netflix that would dare to create it.” And they immediately climbed on board ”.

While the shooting for ‘Feria’ has started, Netflix has not revealed any release date for the Spanish original series yet.

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