Netflix’s Penguin Bloom: The Story of a Mother Over the Oding

NetflixPenguin Bloom is based on the true story of Sam Bloom who is a young mother when she meets in a near accident and her world is reversed. The story revolves around how a young mother finds courage and solace in the form of a small bird named ‘Penguin’

Motivation and courage can come in the most unlikely form. We all face obstacles in our lives and we do our best to overcome them but what happens when you are in a deadly situation and things around you are so bleak.

The worst thing about such a prediction is that it is not only the person involved in the accident, but all their loved ones who have to suffer it quietly, so that they can build the emotional support that is needed at the time. Penguin Bloom of Netflix takes us on a journey that shows us the struggle to find the reason we want to live again.

There are many indirect references throughout the trailer that illustrate the plight of nature in many ways. “It must be weird to have wings and not be able to fly.” Dialogues like these in the trailer show us a lot of love for Penguin Bloom on Netflix.
The role of young mother Sam Bloom is essayed by the Academy Award-nominated Watts and it teaches us that it is already too late to enjoy the little things in life.

Penguin Bloom will be streaming on Netflix on January 27 and it sounds like an absolutely inspiring story.

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