Netflix’s “The Surgeon Cut” reflects the reality of a surgeon’s world

“Surgeon’s cut”Netflix will be streaming soon from December 9. This will be yet another documentary series to be added to the list released this year. But, this is no random documentary; It is a visionary in all forms. The journey of four surgeons who have not only excelled in their field over the years and have become an institution in themselves, it also speaks of the various barriers that they had to break to reach the stage they had yet been Have been.

A doctor’s job is no joke and we have seen it very well throughout this year. We love watching medical dramas and they become quite famous because they reflect not only the procedures, surgeries, but also the raw emotions that go through the patient’s point of view or from the doctor’s point of view and the family’s point of view. Huh. The scene, we see them all. One of them is the very famous and much-loved show Gray Anatomy, which has reloaded people for 17 seasons so far, besides, there are many other good medical drama shows that we have probably seen, House, The For Good Doctor, Chicago Med and South Korean drama fans, this is not a genre. There have been many good K-dramas such as hospital playlists, doctors, hospital ships and many more.

But there is always one thing about these, because these are dramas, they need to focus on the human emotions of the doctors who play the main role and this is where we finally do not know what else can happen . This is where the “surgeon’s cut” comes in, even though the focus is on the physician to focus, in such a way that the patients are our highest goal. From cutting-edge technology to difficult decisions in surgery, this show will give us a glimpse of it all. The series focuses on the difficult issues from which these doctors have arisen and is now being made a part of history. Issues like poverty, racism, sexism and where they come from will tell us the inner story of their lives and what it means when it comes to saving a life. This is a must see series even more.

Coming together for the first time, the science unit of Netflix and BBC Studios brings this series of four episodes, which will show the story of four doctors from around the world, known for their skills and fields.

Also, an additional detail, an Indian doctor is being portrayed in this series, which makes it a watch. Dr. of Bangalore Devi Shetty, a world-renowned cardiologist and founder of Narayana Healthcare and Hospitals, will emerge as the chain’s cardiologist.

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