Netflix’s web series Doctor John (Hindi dubbed) is available for free viewing or download on MX Player

Doctor john (Korean: Doctor John? RR: Uisayohan; lit up Doctor I-han) Is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Lee Se-Young, Lee Kyu-hyung, and Hwang Hee. It is a worldwide release on the Netflix TheMiracleTech service site. Now it is also available for the user of MX player to view or download online.

It is based on the Japanese novel On the hand of god By Yo Kusakabe and aired on SBS from July 19 to September 7, 2019.

A recurring theme throughout the series is the debate over euthanasia. “Doctor John” taking a refreshing move, “Doctor John” will portray the cause of the mysterious pain of his patients as a thrilling chase, almost like a detective hunting down the culprit behind an unsolved crime.

What is Doctor John Storyline / Plot?

The series is started with Ji Sung, hours before leaving the country, Kang Si-yung steps in as a corrective doctor and saves a life with the help of Cha Yo-Han. Lee Yoo-joon warns Si-yung about Yo-Han. When she confronts Yo-Han about her diagnosis and guilt, she questions the source of her anger.

Yo-Han’s past places him at his new workplace. Spanning a painful future, a famous athlete heartily requests to stop. Si-yong begins to understand Yo-Han’s philosophy on pain management upon hearing the full account of the events of three years ago.

As patients fill the pain management center, one in particular grabs Yo-Han’s eye with a lack of symptoms. Son approaches Seok-ji Si-yong. Yo-Han allows history for a young patient to undergo major surgery.

Se-yung becomes the first person to unravel Yo-han’s secret. A suspected pandemic infected patient enters a pain management center. The pain management team diagnoses a patient at war with unknown demons. Heo Joon apologizes. Si-yong confesses her feelings.

A former actress treats a rare type of cancer. Yo-Han starts experiencing symptoms of anxiety. Yo-Han’s doctors ask her to choose between her career and her life. Min Tae-gyeong makes up her mind about her husband. A patient loses all hope.

During the investigation of a patient’s switch-off ventilator, Seok-ji is surprised by the findings and Yo-Han’s actions. Si-Yong accepts her role as Yo-Han’s mentor. A young patient returns with new symptoms. Yo-Han and Seok-ji learn about each other’s situations.

Si-yeong bid farewell to loved ones. After pushing him away with fear, Yo-Han finally gives him his answer. To the relief and disbelief of Si-yong, Yo-Han reappears in front of him after three years of silence. His vision for healing results.

Who is in the cast of the Doctor John series?

The lead actors of this series are Ji SUng, Park Shi-wan, Lee Se-young, Lee Kyu-hyung, Hwang Ji.


Taking a refreshing take on the genre, “Doctor John” will discover the cause of his patients’ mysterious pain as a thrilling chase, almost like a detective hunting down the culprit behind an unsolved crime.

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