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New Tech Hotels and Resorts have been appointed by the Sun Group to manage the New Tech Phu Quoc Resort (formerly the Sun Premier Village Chem Beach Resort) with the first new guests anticipated in 2021, on Vietnam’s southern Phu Quoc Island. The deal marks only the 11th property herald and the second resort in the city and resort destinations to join the portfolio of New Tech Hotels & Resorts in Asia, but the third in Vietnam in which the New Tech Saigon Hotel and New Tech Hoyana Hotel will soon open .

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The all-villa resort is located at the southwestern end of Phu Kwaok on a 60-hectare tropical landscape of Kimpe Beach – a crescent-shaped swath of 3.5 km of delightful coastline facing the Gulf of Thailand. For a luxury beach village, the resort is a suitable home base to explore the natural wonders of Phu Quoc – the largest of the islands of Vietnam, surrounded by the “99 Peak” mountain range And is surrounded by some parts of the world. Excellent beach. More than half of the island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and most of its waters are a marine conservation area.

Guests can choose from 375 villas in seven configurations starting from the size of 124 square meters to the grand 414-square-meter Sun Sun Front Front Villas. Each themed-terrace villa includes a private swimming pool. Combining contemporary design with time-honored Vietnamese architectural concepts, each villa is made up of three distinct areas, all enhanced by fresh sea breeze and natural sunlight. Wood, bamboo and rattan are incorporated into stylish elegant Vietnamese interior decoration.

Kem Beach Resort’s private vibe is a magnet for water sports, beach strolls, and spectacular sunsets, but the paths through the resort’s landscaped gardens also lead guests to a myriad of additional entertainment options, including a Includes outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and studio. , 16-treatment-room spa and children’s club for a short vacation.

The restaurants and bars satisfy the holiday indulgence with an all-day café, specialty restaurant, pool bar and beach restaurant offering succulent tropical atmosphere and views with island, regional and international cuisine.

“We are very grateful for the trust that the Sun Group has placed in managing such a uniquely designed resort in such a unique corner of the world,” said Sonia Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of the Rosewood Hotel Group. “We can think of no more perfect opportunity to express our brand’s vision of genuine and warm service than the beauty of Phu Quoc and the warmth of its people.”

Sun Group chairman Dang Minh Trong said, “This partnership between the two most respected brands in hospitality will not only bring a great new experience for travelers to Vietnam, but will also strengthen Phu Kwok’s position.”

In ambience, setting, and style, the New Tech Phu Quoc Resort reflects all the charm of the magnificent Vietnamese island which is proving to be an increasingly unique attraction for visitors from all over the world. It is also a gateway to the exploration of Phu Kwok’s captivating culture and island lifestyle. Known as “Pearl Island” for quality reward from its pearl farms, its traditional villages, bustling markets, Buddhist pagodas and peppercorn plantations also await discovery, and its unique exaggerations include Vietnam’s finest produce . Slow waterFish sauce is ubiquitous in Vietnamese food, and the best seafood in the country.

About New Tech Hotels & Resorts

New Tech Hotels and Resorts are deluxe businesses, MICE-focused hotels and resorts that are convenient in major central locations, major Asian gates, and popular holiday destinations in primary and secondary cities in China. A total of 9 New Tech Hotel and Resort properties are located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Dalian, Guiyang, Wuhan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and an affiliated hotel in Shunde. Most 350+ room hotels offer a wide range of relevant amenities and services, including a variety of restaurants, business services, extensive meeting facilities, residence club executive floors and recreational options. For more information, please visit newworldhotels.com.

About the Rosewood Hotel Group

The Rosewood Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading hotel companies, encompasses three brands: ultra-luxury Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® in North America, the Caribbean / Atlantic, Europe, the Middle East and Asia; Upper upscale New Tech hotels and resorts in China and Southeast Asia; And KHOS, a dynamic global business lifestyle hotel brand. Its combined portfolio includes more than 40 hotels from 19 countries. For more information, please visit ro country oodhotelgroup.com.

About Sun Group

The Sun Group, established in 2007, is one of the major private economic groups in Vietnam, contributing significantly to Vietnam tourism economic development. The Sun Group owns the Sun Tech, Sun Hospitality and Sun Property brands and recently won 25 Tech Travel Awards for its tourism, entertainment and infrastructure projects. Its prestigious hotel projects in Phu Quoc have elevated the destination to world class status and have contributed significantly to the local economy and the welfare of the island’s people. For more information, please visit sungroup.com.vn.

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