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Penny's pregnancy be an open door reboot invitation

Now that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has ended with a bang, Penny and Leonard are ready for a new journey. Could this be enough to cook the reboot for ‘The Big Bang Theory’? We say yes!

After some great fearless action 12 days later, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ finally came to an end, but not without a proper closure. Sheldon And amy Nobel is finally found, Raj will probably find a girl now, Howard and Bernadette are a happy family, and Leonard and Penny are about to start their own family. It wasn’t until Leonard and Penny were finally talking baby, and now they’re finally on the same page This will be the right occasion ‘Big Bang Theory ‘reboot.

main characteristics –

  • Penny and Leonard are having children
  • Fans want Leonard and Penny spin-offs
  • Could Leonard and Penny’s pregnancy be an open door reboot invitation?

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Penny and Leonard are having children

Shami’s Nobel acceptance in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ series finale – a big revelation from Penny’s pregnancy.

At the finale, Leonard and Penny revealed the news of their pregnancy to their friends. However, there is a small problem: Penny never wanted children! During the later seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Penny was outspoken about not wanting or raising children, while Leonard wanted her so much that she wanted Penny’s X to donate her sperm Was ready for

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The pilot episode of the show had a look at Leonard Penny and imagined what his future children would be – “Smart and beautiful“. However, even after successfully winning the girl and marrying her, Leonard could not agree to have Penny produce children, at least not until Surprise landed on our laps without warning.

While most people agree with the end of the story of Leonard and Penny, some view pregnancy as an inability for a woman in society to reluctantly accept to have a child. Defending pregnancy, listener Steve Holland stated “Hollywood reporter”,

“Their relationship was really the jumping off point of this whole show and it was important for us to honor that relationship … It was a great way to get these characters off and it was such a wonder what their story was was.”

Fans want Leonard and Penny spin-off

Now that out of the cat bag, fans want to see ‘The Big Bang Theory’ a reboot with Leonard and Penny. One reason for this is that people really want to know how Penny went against a strong feeling against children that she finally wraps her head around the fact that she is pregnant. After handling an older child like Sheldon, undoubtedly, upbringing should be easy for both of them. Nevertheless, fans would love to be a part of their new journey.

Also, there is much more we want to know! Is it a boy or a girl? How will Sheldon deal with a new member because we know how bad he is with the changes? “Metro UK”Conducted an online poll asking whether the Bang ‘Big Bang Theory’ duo should get a spin-off. About 40% of the participants voted that Leonard and Penny ‘Big Bang Theory’ reboot offer should be available.

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Could Penny’s pregnancy be an open door reboot invitation?

Penny’s pregnancy leaves the door open for a reboot or spin-off of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Leonard and Penny’s paternity journey will make for the perfect material for a reboot of the popular CBS show. However, a stand-alone spin-off on Leonard and Penny probably won’t fare well, as the gang show is! Johnny Galecki aka Leonard Hofstadter told “Hollywood Reporter”,

“I think these seven characters share seven different areas of the same brain. We have divided them into every separate partition you can do and it all works. There are no two that do not work together. I don’t think it will be a disaster, but it won’t be. ‘big Bang'”.

If she deals with Leonard and Penny’s paternity journey, Callie Kawoko agrees with Galki, though she can’t turn down a reboot or offer of a spin-off of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. He What was said,

But if Chuck asked me, I would consider it highly because I say no to Chuck! … I think they are going to be terrible parents. They waited so many years, and they are very funny and easy. Or Penny is really easy! I think they would be adorable parents. I can only imagine”.

What do you think parenthood would look like for Leonard and Penny? Let us know in the comments below!

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