Nick Jonas talked about Priyanka Chopra’s work in the film ‘The White Tiger’.

Bollywood-Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s film ‘The White Tiger’ will launch in January. She will probably be seen alongside Rajkumar Rao and Adarsh ​​Gaurav. Priyanka Chopra has started talks with the media before the launch of the film. Priyanka held a special screening for her husband Nick Jonas, after which Nick has shared a video praising Priyanka’s appearance.

The screening of the film was held in a non-public theater. Talking about Priyanka’s efficiency, Nick said, “Get ready, because this film is really amazing. Priyanka your performance looks amazing. You look very interesting in the film. Also, Nick Jonas Gave the film a thumbs up.

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Priyanka Chopra said this with Nick Jonas on Baby Planning

Actress Priyanka Chopra talked about her personal life, marriage, profession and child planning during the entire {magazine} shoot. After the child of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas 2020, Priyanka was questioned about the house plan. If the pattern is seen then only one or two children are with the celebs, although Priyanka Chopra said that she wants many children, not one or two.

Priyanka Chopra says, “I feel very comfortable when Nick Jonas is with me. Whatever I want to be in my professional life, whatever people think of me, I am a girl who wants to live her life in the best way. I consider myself lucky to have found a partner like Nick Jonas. “

Priyanka additionally says that I like children. Many want children. I will do as many children as I want. Recently, Priyanka Chopra has photographed for the film ‘Text for You’ in London. Apart from this, he has also taken photographs for another film ‘Matrix’.

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