Niharika Konidela first choice for color photo – TheMiracleTech

Color managed to pass the photo test. Despite mixed reviews, the film’s cast and crew were spotted for their work. It is definitely one of those films that has made a huge impact on the digital platform post lockdown season.

Directed by Sandeep Raj, the film stars Suhas and Chandni Chaudhary in lead roles. By the way, do you know that Chandni was not the first choice to play Deepu in the film?

Recently Sandeep revealed that his first choice for Dipu was not Niharika, but Niharika Konidela. But for many reasons, Chandni played the role and undoubtedly, she has done justice to the role. She has definitely been in the role she has been offered and has won many hearts.

Meanwhile, if Niharika is approached, and if she rejects the film, she definitely loses a good opportunity. Apparently, Niharika is busy with her wedding preparations. She joined Chaitanya JV in August 2020. Niharika is going to tie the knot with Chaitanya on 9 December at the Destination Wedding in Rajasthan.

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