Nikki spoke to Bharata’s Internet Economy to leverage 52 transactions per household in 2020

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  • Strong habits in India, a market that is missing from the mainstream Internet economy
  • Plans to raise USD 50 million to capture 20% of India’s homes market by FY22

Nikki, Bharata’s “whole heap Ramu Kaka” Announced to be a witness today Formidable habitat buildup in customersAverage 52 transactions per household in 2020. The company also has plans Raised 50 million USD By early 2021. The fund will be positioned to expand its market share for the purpose of capturing 50 million by FY 2012, 20% of India’s domestic market burial.

In the last 3 years, Niki has already unlocked “Bharat” – a huge USD 108 billion market opportunity – with the technology and service stack that builds trust among its customers. Operating on a very clear objective of “Leave no one behind“In just a few years, Niki has already become the domestic manager of Bharat, supported by a local-language voice commerce technology stack with a fintech architecture to deliver service and trust at scale. This “In Made in India” innovation, coupled with an asset-light hub and spoke operating model, helps Nikki’s growth trajectory.

Commenting on this success, Sachin Jaiswal, Co-Founder and CEO of Niki it is said, “The driving force behind the creation of Nikki is the challenges seen in our lives. Our family members were hesitating to join the digital economy due to many challenges – language barriers, complex user experiences, and a huge lack of trust. The internet has widened the gap between India and India and we are determined to fix that gap with the leap in technology.. “

In today’s digital age, the Internet was considered an economic scale, but it created an unfortunate situation of unequal opportunities. Only the top 5% of the population is using Internet services for digital transactions – creating a huge gap between those who can participate in the growing digital economy and those who cannot. Statistics show that 90% of internet users are not actively transacting online.

Sachin says, “In the last 3 years, families in India have shown tremendous trust in Nikki, their own full stack Ramu Kaka. Nikki has become a habit with 52 transactions per household in a segment, in a segment that was missing from the mainstream Internet economy. It is currently the world’s largest consumer development opportunity and we plan to capture 20% of the market by FY12.

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