Nina Dobrev, who is Dobrev currently? What is his relationship timeline?

Nina Dobrev’s budding romance with Olympic snowboarder Sean White was confirmed in May this year when she made it official with her Instagram post. Dobrev has been linked to a few in the past and his relationship with his co-star Ian Somerhald caught the eye of the public as Delna fans of The Vampire Diaries transmit their relationship. Here is all you need to know about Nina’s dating history.

Nina Dobrev Relations Timeline

1) Nina Dobrev’s relationship with The Vampire Diaries costar Ian Somerhold began in 2010 after Cena met on the set of the show. But their split was confirmed in May 2013. Ian Somerheld played Damon Salvatore, while Dobrev played Elena Gilbert, and they were interested in each other’s love on the show.

2) In September 2013, it was rumored that Dobrev was dating Dancing with the Stars supporters, Derek Hof. However, it was noted that he said it ended after just six weeks of dating.

3) Nina Dobrev was also linked to The Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth in February 2014 while he was in Atlanta.

4) Austin Stowell, who is the lead star of The Whiplash, began to date Dobrev in June 2015. But it is reported that the pair separated after eight months.

5) Dobrev joined Glenn Powell in January 2017, but they separated by November of the same year.

6) Grant Mellon and Dobrev were spotted together in December 2018, holidaying in Indonesia. By October 2019, their relationship cooled.

7) Nina Dobrev became engaged to professional snowboarder, Sean White, in February 2020, posting photos from a trip to South Africa on Insta Chana that indicated her being with him. Later they were photographed together while going for a bike ride together in Malibu. In April 2020, it was confirmed that they were in a relationship. In May, it was confirmed that the pair were “living together” amid the coronovirus epidemic. In August 2020, they were seen on a trip together in Tulum, Mexico.

Nina Dobrev’s previous boyfriends are quite high profile. Although she has told these well-known celebrities for a short time, her links are still reputed. Currently, the relationship between Dobrev and Sean White is erupting while they are wandering together amid the outbreak of the epidemic.

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