NMIMS Center of Excellence in Analytics and Data Science MBA (Business Analytics) – opens admission for Tech

Applications for MBA (Business Analytics) are open in the center of Under the aegis of SVKM’s NMIMS, Excellence in Analytics and Data Science, a legacy institution with a well-established reputation for academic excellence.

Mumbai, India, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – NMIMS Center of Excellence in Analytics and Data Science opens admission to its highly regarded MBA (Business Analytics) Mumbai. Students can apply for up to 2-year courses 14 December. The course, NMIMS is designed to develop analytical thinking with managerial training, developed in conjunction with faculty and industry experts. It meets the high demand for proficiency in business analytics among management graduates in the current uncertain global economy. Industry-focused education focuses on providing real-world training through multi-focused corporate partnerships.

The event is expected to meet the high demand for business analytics in the corporate world. This is one of the few careers in which minimal impact has been observed due to the COVID crisis. According to a study, Business Analytics was one of the fastest growing domains in 2019-20 with a growth of 19% over the previous year. While the current epidemic has caused contractions of TMT across domains, data from several job websites suggest that business analytics is one of the few job sectors that is still in great demand.

Speaking on the high demand for business analytics, Dr Ramesh Bhat, NMIMS, Provost and Dean of Vice Chancellor SVKM, School of Business Management He said, “Business analytics is one of the few careers that has shown resilience against recession and will see huge demand as enterprises try to use all available data to overcome a recession.” Its steady demand is evidenced by the fact that most IT companies, including TCS, Capgemini and Accenture, are now providing end-to-end analytical services for the BFSI sector. There is a significant lag between business analysis and the demand of experts in their supply. As Big Data and analytics grow in importance, the need for analytics experts will only increase. The MBA in Business Analytics offers students the opportunity to work in this fast growing domain. “

Dr Anuja Aggarwal, Professor and Associate Dean MPSTME and MBA in charge (Business) Analytics) Explained the program, “The MBA curriculum is designed to help students apply analytical skills to every aspect including business management, marketing, Miracle, economics, technology and human resources. It places heavy emphasis on corporate partnerships as part of its hands-on training through internships, roundtables, webinars, and live projects. Students will have many opportunities to apply their knowledge to real-world problems through case studies and on-site projects. We have an intensive internship program where our students have worked on real business challenges in the past, adding value to the organization. “

To equip students with emerging technologies, the curriculum includes core areas such as information management, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, visualization and reporting. As the management profile is highly sought after, an MBA in Business Analytics can open up opportunities to work in the fields of Business Intelligence, IT Business Analysis, Financial Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, Market Analysis and Business Analysis Consultant.

Eligibility: The candidate should be a graduate from a recognized university with minimum 55% marks in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or Commerce or equivalent CGPA.

Preference will be given for 1 year with minimum full time and relevant work experience.

admission process: To apply, candidates must first register in NMAT by GMAT and then apply in NMIMS. Applicants should file their application for NMIMS before the date of their NMAT exam. For more information, visit https://nmat.nmims.edu

Accreditation: SVKM’s NMIMS has NAAC accreditation with Grade A + (3.59 CGPA), Mumbai Campus and is recognized as a Category I University as MHRD / UGC Grant of Graded Autonomy Regulations, 2018. -I University for MHRD / UGC.

About NMIMS and Center of Excellence in Analytics and Data Science:

SVKM’s NMIMS, Deemed-to-Be University, is one of Of India Leading business school with a world-renowned reputation for academic excellence. Established in 1981, NMIMS has emerged as a globally prestigious university with consistent academic quality, research focus, and strong industry linkage. Today it is counted among the top 10 educational centers of excellence and research in the country. The center is widely recognized as one of its 10 centers of excellence. Working closely with industry and academic institutions, the center has established excellence in data analytics through focused multi-disciplinary research and training. For more information, please see https://coe.nmims.edu/

About NMAT by GMAC ™

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) owns and administers the NMAT through the GMAC ™ exam. NMAT has been accepted by GMAC ™ by 38 leading institutions India To gain admission to their major MBA and other management programs India. In addition to this India, NMAT is delivered today in 12 countries by the GMAC ™ exam, South Africa, Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Botswana, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe And Ethiopia.

This year GMAC has introduced two types of test modes for the exam. One is a prevalent online test that can be taken from home and the other is a center-based online exam. Candidates have the option to take the exam at the examination center itself, which follows all the social distancing protocols or take the online practical exam from the comfort of their homes. For more information, please see www.nmat.org

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