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During the last few years, if there is one genre in the anime industry, that would become Isekai. And No Game No Life is probably the most popular entry in the genre. Anime has an adaptation U KamiyaA light novel of the same name. In addition, Etsuko Ishizuka performed the show as its director. No Game No Life made its debut in April 2014 and was aired until June of that year. Also, the anime received a prequel film which premiered on 12 July 2017.

No Game No Life Season Two: Release Date

The first season of the anime became a hit among both audiences and critics. In addition, fans have been seeking a sequel since 2014. However, neither the producers nor the studio have said anything about season two. More than six years have passed, which has left Otakus wondering about his future. In addition, Madhouse is mostly notorious about making a season-anime-series, leading many to doubt about the second season.

However, with the series now available on Netflix, paired with the film’s release, the prospect of a new season looks more spectacular than ever. We hope that if the anime gets enough viewers on Netflix, the producers might consider continuing the series. And if renewal happens, we don’t expect to see it before 2021.

No Game No Life Season Two: Possible Cast

Since the makers are yet to confirm season two, we don’t know much about the cast. However, we are pretty sure that Shiro (Ai Kayano) and Sora (Yoshitsug Matasoka) will work as heroes again. In addition, his return to other series regulars such as Stephanie (Yoko Hikasa), Izuna (Miyuki Sawashiro) is possible. In short, we assume most of the characters from the previous season to feature in the next one. For new characters, viewers will have to wait for some time to learn their identity.

No Game No Life Season Two: Expected Plot

From what we know about season two, the story will be much lighter than the first season. It will focus on the results of the events of the previous season, namely the alliance with Verbeasts. Fans will see Team Blanc in another adventure with Izuna and a male Dhampeer as his partner. This time they will visit Oshaido, the siren’s homeland. And they must resume the slabbing of the Siren Queen. In addition, we expect him to win against Chronicle Team Blanc’s Series Two Variant God.

No Game No Life Season Two: Storyline

No Game No Life isekai, a science-fantasy anime series. It revolves around Shero and Sora, a pair of step-siblings who are excellent gamers. They live an inclusive life while remaining undefeated in the virtual gaming world. However, things change when Tate, a god from a reality, challenges him to a game of chess. As they emerge victorious, Tate offers them a place in a gaming reality. Both accept the offer, and Tate catapults them to new reality. And in this reality, they have to follow the rules while playing and winning against other species.

No Game No Life Season Two: Trailer

Unfortunately, a trailer is not available right now. However, if and when this happens, we will let you know. Until then, follow the next alert for more.

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