Nobody Sleeps in Woods Tonight Full Movie Horror Watch or Available on Netflix: Julia Wieniava, Viktoriya Geswiska

Julia Viniava Narkwicz starring Michelle Lupa, Victoria Gesiewska horror Anyone sleeps in the woods tonight (original title: No one will sleep in the forest today) Full movie is now available for viewing or downloading streaming service Netflix From October 28, 2020. The film was directed by Bartós M. Is performed by Kowalski.

1h 43min runtime film story, a group of technology-dependent teenagers go to an offline camp. Common hiking in the wilderness without access to a smartphone will not end, however, as organizers have planned.

They have to fight for real life in a way that they have not seen even in the dark corners of the internet. Facing a deadly threat in the jungle, they will come to know what true friendship, love and sacrifice are.

The film has been produced under Aksan Studios, Plan Zet and the Polish Film Institute.

Julia Vianieva Narkiewicz, Michele Lupa, Viktoria Gosiewska, Stanislaw Sciwka, Sebastian Della, Gabriella Muscala, Michèle Zorbja, Miroslav Zorjevicz, Piotr Cyrvus, Olaf Lubszenko.

Streaming on Netflix now, full sleep is no longer available in the woods.

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