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If you guys like anime, I think you are well aware of their origin. Mostly they are Japanese comics aka magas or adaptations of a novel. It is fun to watch the anime series as long as we keep it up because fans have nothing but insensitive feelings as soon as they stop. This time Death Note fans got from a company Noragami Fans. Like the former anime, Norgami has been at a halt since 2015. Hitomi writes the anime version of Miano Noragami, while Kotaro Tamura has directed both of the previous seasons. To know what happened, read on.

Noragami Season 3: Release Date

The second season of the franchise released on 2 October 2015 with the name of Noragami Aragoto after 13 episodes concluded on 25 December 2015. Thereafter, there was no update about the Miracle season of the anime by the studio, Bones. We have heard that the lack of material stopped the series but now that fans of the new versions of the manga are out, the third season can be expected soon. Nevertheless, no official announcement has been made about the renewal of Noragami season 3. If there is anything new, we will be sure to keep you posted.

Noragami Season 3: Characters

As a series, the Miracle season is obliged to return with some major characters such as:

  • Yato: He is a wandering god who calls himself a natal deity. Yato is the god of misery and wants to make his pilgrimage.
  • Hiyori Iki: She is a human girl who later becomes a ghost. Hyori has a love interest in Yota and has a sister bond with Yukin.
  • Yukin: He is a boy who died young and became Regalia of Yota. Yukin is in the form of Katana and has a direct influence on Yota.
  • Rabou: He is Yota’s fellow disaster lord and is known to control the Phantom.
  • Daikoku: She is also regalia of a goddess named Kufoku. Dikoku describes herself as her husband, while she has the form of a fan.
  • Bishmontane: She takes the form of a woman with long blonde hair and is the god of coping.
  • Kuraha: She is regalia of Bishmontane which has a form of male lion.
  • Nora: She is the former regalia of Yato, often used by other gods for various reasons.

Noragami Season 3: Plot

In the third season, Yota will continue his adventure of becoming a deity with millions of worshipers. According to the manga, the plot in the third season will reveal Yato’s past, showing his relationship with his father. While Bishmontane forgives Yato for his actions, Nora becomes an unknown threat. Later, the god of fate, Ibisu wanders off, and the other gods kill him. With this, Yuken helps Yota to replace the God of Destiny.

Noragami Season 3: Storyline

Adachitoka’s manga series is an original plot that the anime follows. The story follows a girl named Harry who becomes a phantom as he saves a god, Yota, from an accident. Yota is there to make a stand for himself in both the God and the human realm. Hiyori, Regalia of Yota and Yota, Yukin embark on a journey to return to his ordinary human form to get a shrine and Hiyori to Yota. The team of three goes through many failures in their quest.

If you want to know what I mean about the company of fans in the introduction, read my article Death note 2. Do you find this article informative? What do you think about Yota and his friends? Stay tuned and interact with me in the comments.

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