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Johnny Depp’s lost libel case fight Against British newspaper The Sun – a temporary setback or permanent demise of his careerThe

Johnny Depp is best known for playing the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Court battle lost in defamation case He filed an article published by one of his agency, The Sun, against the New Group newspapers, referring to him as a ‘wife-beater’. Johnny Depp is best known for playing the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Court battle lost in defamation case He referred to an article published by one of his agencies, The Sun, against the new group Newspapers as a ‘wife-beater’.


The agency was sued for defamation by Depp, who said that this reference could tarnish his reputation as an actor and affect his career. The defense argued that Depp verbally and physically controlled and abused his ex-wife Amber Hurd between 2013 and 2016, most notably under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Depp vehemently denied all the allegations, calling them “hoaxes” and accusing Hurd of aggression in the relationship. He claimed that despite his drug abuse, he would never engage in violence, especially with women.

The British High Court returned the verdict on Monday and the case was dismissed for which a trial took place in the month of July. Both Depp and Hurd had presented their evidence in the case, and their friends, family and staff were called as witnesses.

Justice Andrew Nicholl in his article considered the fact presented by The Sun to be “substantially true” and therefore declared that “the claimants have not succeeded in their action for libel”. The dismissal of the case by the court is seen by many as Hurd’s victory, which ironically was not the official party to the case but was an “effective opponent”.

Is Depp’s career over?

The case was not the beginning of Depp’s misery, rather it was just a catalyst. Depp has lived his life in an alcoholic and romantic way with alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. His illustrious life included private islands, penthouses, numerous houses and heavy liquor bills.

Depp’s life was in constant turmoil due to his fate allegedly being rehabilitated by his business managers. His hedonistic lifestyle and weighted career as a Hollywood actor transformed him into a brand that is thriving even at the age of 57.

Many would consider this lost battle as a sign of Depp’s dwindling career, where his image is tarnished beyond repair. This infamous lawsuit could result in upcoming films and advertisements under threat. His permanent involvement and the future of his credibility as a brand may be questioned, but the audience’s short-term memory is something he can definitely count on.

Watch: Johnny Depp’s Loss Case – Verdict Breakdown

Taking one Example of stars such as Robert Downey Jr. And Sean Connery, who suffered a setback in his career but found his way into the film business, we can comfortably assume Depp has a comeback after this loss and as an actor for the rest of his career I have a chance to shine. Hollywood.

The case may keep Johnny Depp away from the Academy Award but does not determine the future of his career.

The Warner Bros. franchise of Fantastic Beasts is expected to cast Depp in his third film. Furthermore, Disney’s decision on Depp’s casting in the reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean is still unknown. Clarity on these unreleased roles and subsequent performances will help revive Johnny Depp’s tainted brand.

Depp’s outstanding performances as captain Jack Sparrow and Gellert Grindelwald have won a lot of hearts for hating and dismissing a lost court case. Even though this loss is more a temporary setback than the permanent demise of Johnny Depp’s career as an actor, the audience’s reaction is yet to be seen.

Shivani Gaul has contributed to this article.

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